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A simple question, but yet I will hopefully get a good response.

To all of you paladins out there with the beautiful Challenge Mode Holy Warrior Plate transmogrification gear, how is ret for DPS in challenge modes? I recently tried Temple of the Jade Serpent and Mogushan palace last weekend, but our best times were silver, with 30 seconds away from gold. My DPS was pretty low, and I was wondering if all the retribution paladins were having this problem in challenge modes.

I've been dying to get my hands on that transmog set, those portals to the dungeons, the phoenix, the mount, and the 400 achievement points. Realistically, should I swap my specs if I plan to get gold times? Or is retribution completely viable in Challenge Modes?
Ret is fine in challenge modes, you need to properly tailor all of your gear for it though.
02/18/2014 08:05 PMPosted by Cayse
Ret is fine in challenge modes, you need to properly tailor all of your gear for it though.

Not really, it's literally just about strats.
You can run with just average set up gear and as long as you know the proper priority, you'll do fine.
Ret can do amazing damage; you'll be fine.
I don't know what gear you used for the CM, but if it's what you've got on then there's a problem right there. Shoulders with two stam gems? Unenchanted gear everywhere? CMs are too tightly-tuned to be leaving so many stats on the table.

While Ret may not be competing for server/world firsts, it's certainly 'viable' enough to win golds. You've got good burst and utility.
If you are using your armory's gear:

1- you are using stamina gems
2- you dont have a single enchant, except on the cloak.
3- you arent using a meta gem
4- the klaxxi trinket is bad for challenge mode (the other one is ok I think).
5- you are using a pvp sword and wasting stat budget.
6 - no belt buckle
7- no second profession
8- bad reforging, over the hit and expertise caps.
9- eternal flame? :S
10- swap burden of guilt for templars verdict glyph thats a must in every situation

Check your character on ask mr robot to see watch changes you should apply, its not perfect but its good.
Wouldn't say temp verdict glyph is a must have.

Double jeopardy and mass exp are good for dps boost.

Sac and blinding light are great utility.

I would pick 3 of those over a poorly utilized 10% decreased dmg option.

Most pulls are aoe pulls. TV is single target. So most of your buff procs will come from Art of War. Having a 20% chance to take 10% less dmg doesn't really seem worth the glyph spot.

Or maybe that's just me.
Wow, thank you guys so much for the help, I'll definitely give it a shot. I can see you all have the Challenge Mode gear also, so this comes from a trusty source :)
Ret does great in CMs. Just be sure to have your gear fully prepared, full consumables, and your game face on if you're looking to score gold times.

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