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$499.99 would be a good price. It would be similar to 3rd party character sales on chinese websites.
02/18/2014 10:54 AMPosted by Defendhorde
For a Level 90 boost, personally I think a level 90 boost should be between 25-40 with Death knights being slightly lower around 15 USD, not the $60 we have now. However,I can see why they made the price $60, I think that the price is so high to stop new players from just buying tons and tons of level 90s, what are your thoughts?

I think they set the price high enough to make people stop and think if they reeeaaaallllyyyy want a paid 90.

There will be people who simply cannot afford it (no need to discuss financial priorities here).
There will be people who can afford to buy multiple 90's.

I'm the latter. However, while I think $60 is fair, I personally don't feel that is something I'd pay for. There's several other things IRL that I'd prefer to put that $60 towards. A new PC for one! If we get a 90 boost from WOD pre-order, I'll take advantage of that, but it's highly unlikely I'll buy any 90's after that point.
Can't like that post enough gypsytrader
02/18/2014 10:55 AMPosted by Adelphie
$200. I'm not joking.
at least $90, you getting a level 90, that gets to bypass content that was around $200 when it was released. I say your getting off pretty good with a character at 90 and primary profession boost, along with first-aid. Even the Battle Chest and MoP combined today can be purchase for around $40, so they are surly not going to go any cheaper than the content you get to bypass. Does not matter how old it is, They have to see some sort of return for those that will not ever see any of it at all.

This why it should be higher not lower to purchase. Some of you people really have no idea what it cost to run a business.
02/18/2014 11:38 AMPosted by Manacake
20$ that way they edge out the people who sell accounts and characters basically kills the account selling market. What does blizz lose? they are getting free money already. I would be willing to go as high as 30 but that is a realistic ceiling.

Just glanced at ebay. $60 is still almost half the price of what "cheap" pre-leveled toons go for currently.

As for what I think is an appropriate price...it matters not. Whatever price Blizzard sets I will be fine with. I do not plan to use the service regardless of price as I have no need of it. I have no problem with it being available to others.
Less than the price of a new account upgraded to WoD (free 90) plus the transfer fees. So what?85 dollars?

So yeah, 84 bucks is the upper limit.

Lower limit is whatever Blizz wants.
that gets to bypass content that was around $200 when it was released.
There is your flaw
02/18/2014 11:48 AMPosted by Amarix
$200. I'm not joking.

I was going for $90, but I could very well see this price, given the amount of work that was involved in creating and designing, as well as the other cost involved in the content that people get to bypass to get a level 90. Anyone that Blizzard was going to go as low as $20-30, have no idea the cost of doing business. $60 is not and overreach or a money grab, they simply want to see a return on investment.

Actually you are getting a level 90 for $20 with an additional cost of the game that presently cost $40 at Game Stop. They had to make it cost at least $60 to cover the new people or people that played so long ago that are going to bypass 90 levels of content. That is an extremely large amount of design and creative time let alone to cost per employee and server costs, as well as many other costs involved. People really need to think before over reacting.
I was expecting between $25-40 prior to today. I think $60 is more or less an ideal price point. Prices out dilettantes and comes in at a decent amount less than new account + WoD upgrade + transfer.
02/18/2014 11:51 AMPosted by Havoc
Less than the price of a new account upgraded to WoD (free 90) plus the transfer fees. So what?85 dollars?

So yeah, 84 bucks is the upper limit.

Lower limit is whatever Blizz wants.
that gets to bypass content that was around $200 when it was released.
There is your flaw

It not a flaw, it what people are getting to bypass. People that are lazy want something on the cheap, plain and simple. They never look at what the cost of time and effort that was put into something. They just want something handed to them. The cost of this 90, should be even higher, not cheaper.

I consider $60, to be more than reasonable given the amount of stuff people are going to have to not go through. I have managed to level and reroll more character than I want to think of over the last couple years.

It is not hard to level a character in this game and they have made it pretty easy to get certain buffs (RAF, heirloom, potions, rare drops, xp boost over the years, etc).

The truly lazy people will be the ones that makes these purchase anyway and it will deter the rest from affording to bypass the leveling process altogether.
Well seeing as I can easily avoid the $60 and spend another $40 on another expac. Maybe $45-50. I didn't quite think Blizzard thought this through. Seeing as they assume people are going to spend money on the CE, which I may, supposing I have the money for it. But people usually spend money on the regular edition.
Its should be at LEAST 70-90 dollars.

Those of you that are suggesting anything under 60 are on some very good drugs.
I think $60 is fine. I also think that I'll never ever buy a 90 now, but that was probably the intent.
Let us boost to whatever level we want to for a $ amount per level. Lets say they charge $1 per level, the level you want to boost to equals the $ amount you pay.

Edit: That would actually be $1 less than the level you want a boost to because I forgot you are already level 1 for free... that is if you boost from level 1.
I still think the cannibalize a max level character to unlock a fresh 90 works out better. It works out for everyone the same way, time invested instead of how much money you have in the bank. It also takes consideration as to what you are about to do, people say $60 is a deterrent.. I say deleting one of your level 100 characters is more of a deterrent.

For new players, they will be given a level 90 to begin with anyway.

Of course, money talks bull sheet walks. This is extra cash flow for Blizzard, of course they will gladly take your money in exchange for a 90.

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