Protection Paladin/Engineering

With protection paladins stat priorities being Haste/Mastery, and dodge being our worst, is engineering as a profession worthless? The glove proc for engineering is a dodge proc. I suppose synapse springs could be used but strength probably isn't very effective either, although Dancing steel is the preferred weapon enchant(on most sites I've seen). Could synapse springs be viable? Any solid feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
For min/maxing heroic content, engineering is a bit lackluster. The dodge rating is pretty bad for tanks compared to synapse springs. I'm not an eng on my Pally, but if I were I would go with Str proc and use it as a threat tool for initial agro or taunt swaps. Line it up with ES for bonus dmg.

But engineering is good for other reasons. The helm is amazing for CMs or proving grounds. Cloak bonus has a lot of fun uses. Rocket boost is nice too.

So not a bad option really. Would 100% be my next choice as profession if I ever had to drop enchanting.
I'll never give up Engineering, even that means my DPS isn't as high as it could be.

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