Holy Paladin (pvp ?s)

Hello everyone!
I have always had at least a small amount of gear for my holy spec, ever since i hit 90 i always keep a set that i can swap to and play healer if i must in bgs, mainly tyrannical and TI gear. However, i have never had the urge to main a Holy paladin before, as i am a die hard Retribution fan. Sadly, none of the changes that i had hoped would come with this most recent of patches actually made their debut, so i believe i will be putting up my ret main until changes are made in an effort to balance Paladin dps with the rest of the Melee archetype.

So with that little back ground story in mind, i have come to ask my fellow paladins a few questions when it comes to PvPing as Holy:
1) How is our viability? I can't imagine it is as bad as Ret viability
2) Are there any comps that stick out as benefactors to the Holy utility belt?
3) I couldn't find a 'guide' or anything similar that i might use to find gemming, reforging, stat priority and all that, is their a link anyone may be able to provide?

In all honesty, if the 3rd question is answered in a way that provides a link, i may not have many other questions. Thanks in advance y'all!

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