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Death Knight Class Quest and Rewards

Someone made a post suggesting that DKs should get a class quest chain similar to what Warlocks have for their green fire. Well, I personally think every class should get these kinds of quests, but the suggestion got my mind going and I thought of a potential class quest chain for Death Knights and thought I'd share. The idea was to create something like what Warlocks got - a lore-rich experience, using mostly existing art assets, and with purely visual rewards that don't create any kind of power divide. Hope you enjoy and please share your thoughts…

Part One - Finding the Tome
• The Quest begins with a dropped item from rare spawns in a certain part of Draenor - most likely rare Stormreaver clan orcs. The item that drops is a book titled "On Creating Death Knights." It is initially unbound, but can become soulbound by Runeforging it with any DK rune, at which point it can be used to start the quest. Until bound, it can be traded, sold, etc.

Part Two - Opening the Seals
• Once the book is bound to your character, it starts a quest. The quest text explains that the tome seems to be a treatise on the creation of Death Knights, but it is currently locked by three seals. While you lack the power to unseal it, perhaps those more potently trained in the arts of Frost, Blood, and Unholy powers could help. It directs you to return to Acherus for help.
• When you get back to Acherus, you can take the tome to the three trainers there, each of which can use their experience with Blood, Frost, or Unholy to release that seal. While Lord Thorval and Lady Alistra both help you freely, Amal'thazad is not so easy.
• Amal'thazad agrees to release the Frost seal on the tome, but he wants something from you first. For years he thought the location of his phylactery was safely hidden, but he has reason to believe that the only other person who knew its location is still alive, and he wants you to track down and kill this person. You won't mind, however, because he reveals that the person is Knight Commander Plaguefist, still alive and hiding in the ruins of New Avalon like a coward.

Part Three - Return to New Avalon
• You take a skeletal gryphon down to the ruins of the land where you were reborn as a Death Knight. Some mindless ghouls, wraiths, and skeletons still roam the place - a reminder of your past victory - and will attack you on sight.
• Eventually you track Plaguefist down to the old building where he had you kill your friend all those years ago. He's been in hiding ever since the Lich King retreated back to Northrend. He wasn't at Light's Chapel, so he wasn't freed to become a member of the Ebon Blade, and instead has lost his mind, alone and useless in the shadow of Acherus.
• You must kill Knight Commander Plaguefist, getting personal revenge if you regretted what he made you do all those years ago, and ensuring the safety of Amal'thazad's secret. Once you return to the lich, he is quite pleased with your success and releases the final seal for you.

Part Four - Mograine's Help
• With the third seal broken, you can finally open the book, but what you find makes little sense. It's a series of dark, shamanistic/fel rituals necessary to create first-generation death knights, instructions that mean little to you. These are notes made by Gul'dan himself during experiments to create death knights. You decide to show the tome to Highlord Darion Mograine, in hopes that he'll have some use for the knowledge within it.
• You find the Highlord once more in Acherus and he shows interest in the book. While the process of creating a first-generation death knight is of little importance to him, he notes a section on the making of powerful weapons. He reveals that the weapons used to house the soul of a fallen orc are quite similar to the more powerful rune weapons that Arthas and other high-ranking Death Knights used in service to the Lich King. With this information, he could, perhaps, make much more powerful runeblades for the Knights of the Ebon Blade.
• Mograine will need your help, however, and he asks you to meet him at the only place such a weapon could be made: Icecrown Citadel.

Part Five - In the Shadow of Icecrown
• You meet with Knights of the Ebon Blade at the base of ICC, and they tell you Mograine is already within. You can enter a phased version of the Citadel to complete the rest of the quest chain. Mograine awaits at the base of the Citadel, in the main entry, and tells you that he is sure he can use the information in the book to make much more powerful runeblades, but he needs your help getting the right materials.

• Step One: The Pit of Saron
1. The first thing Mograine needs is raw saronite for the blade and tools to work the metal, which you can find in the Pit of Saron.
2. You enter a phased version of the old dungeon and find dead archaeologists, both dwarven and blood elf. There are a number of ghouls and undead who attack you, but no sign of who killed the researchers.
3. Once you reach the smithy there, you find the materials you need and you're attacked by a large pack of geists. Something terrible is at work within the Citadel, but you do not yet know what it is. You return the materials to Mograine and he sends you for the next thing you need: souls.

• Step Two: The Forge of Souls
1) In a phased version of the Forge of Souls, you have been told to retrieve an item called a "Soulcask," which contains souls gathered for use before the Lich King fell.
2) The spirits of the dead are uneasy in the Forge and repeatedly attack you. They use powerful attacks that you must interrupt and absorb to survive.
3) Once you reach the innermost section of the Forge, you find the Soulcask and the souls within it, then return to Mograine once more. Now he needs something to make the saronite properly malleable: Vile Putrescence.

• Step Three: Professor Putricide's Laboratory
1) In order to make saronite malleable and infuse it with souls, Mograine needs a Vial of Vile Putrescence, and the only place to find that is in Putricide's lab.
2) You have to travel through a phased version of ICC - skipping the airship portion - to reach the lab. Few scourge wander the halls, but there are numerous wraiths that patrol the Citadel. You have to avoid them or be sent back down to the entrance.
3) Once you reach the lab you find it flooded with noxious gases that will kill you before you can get the vial and get out. You have to use Control Undead on a nearby ghoul and use it to get to the vial and bring it back to you. Once you have it, then you can return to Mograine to finish your task. He is no longer in the main entrance and his knights tell you to meet him in the Halls of Reflection.

• Step Four: The Halls of Reflection
1) You find Mograine in the main area where once the Lich King kept Frostmourne. Mograine tells you that a new weapon can be forged in the energies that once bathed that accursed blade and asks you for the Vial of Vile Putrescence.
2) Once you give it to him, he begins to work on the new weapon, but it is a failure. The energy in that place is too powerful and the saronite is destroyed. Undaunted, Mograine tells you that stronger saronite is needed, metal mined from deep below Icecrown Citadel itself. He sends you into the caverns below the citadel through an icy tunnel near the Shadow Throne in the Halls of Reflection. He warns you to be careful, however, as he feels that whatever dark power still remains in that place seems to be coming from below.

Part Six - The Dark Below
• Deep beneath Icecrown Citadel, you find the saronite that Mograine needs, but you find much more. In an icy cavern is a small replica of the Lich King's frozen throne, and seated upon it is a figure of armored malice. Ice hangs from his form and a massive weapon rests in his lap. As you enter his chamber, a wall of ice blocks your path back up and he begins to speak:
"I was the first, you know. Perhaps not in the truest sense… I know of Gorefiend and his foul ilk, and Arthas and others were raised before me. But when Prince Menethil joined the master and they became one, I was the first, the first of his new Death Knights!
"I came to him freely, offering myself as a knight in his service. I proved myself in battle, bringing him countless souls and corpses to forge his army. He sat, unmoving in that frozen throne as I waged war in his name and brought death to every land I set foot in. I was to be his champion, his herald in the frozen world to come.
"But then that vile sorcerer arrived with the Mograine boy. Do you hear me, Mograine!? You have always been unworthy! The master smiled within his icy helm, and Mograine became the Highlord of his armies. New Death Knights were made his charge, and he was given Acherus… my fortress, given to another. I warned the master, told him the Mograine brat could never be trusted, that he would always remain the son of the Ashbringer - but I was ignored. Ignored and forgotten.
"After your betrayal… oh yes, I know who you are, TRAITOR! After your betrayal, the master returned and no longer trusted us. We had to have a certain degree of free will to lead his armies, and in that was always a seed of betrayal. I did my best to prove myself… and I think he would have made me his Deathbringer… then he went to the Wrathgate and brought back his new champions.
"Once more I was forgotten. Abandoned. And now, that pretender sits upon the master's throne. No more. NO MORE! I am death, I am hatred. I am the master's anger, his cruelty, his vengeance! Come traitor and know the justice of the grave!"
• You have to battle the Death Knight. It's a difficult fight, in which he summons an abomination that you have to control to fight him, while also doing direct damage. He uses Defile, like the Lich King, which you have to avoid, and can cast a rapid-fire series of Death Coils, which you have to interrupt. He uses Soul Reaper on you, which acts like the DK ability, and will pretty much kill you if you're under 30% health when it ticks at the end. He has a Harvest Soul attack, that you have to absorb with AMS or AMZ to survive, or it one-shots you, and you have to move out of his Death and Decays. Basically, you're fighting a Super Death Knight.
• Once defeated, you give him a proper death and as he slumps to the ground, he utters:
"You were never worthy… of the master's gift… Suffer well, brother/sister."
• You take his weapon and the saronite and return to Mograine.

Part Seven - Forging the Runeblade
• When you return, Mograine uses the saronite you brought back, along with the other materials you already retrieved, and performs the ritual once more. This time it is a success and a powerful new runeblade is created. For all your work, he offers the weapon to you. When you take it, however, the remains of your soul are torn from your body into the blade…
• You enter a phased area within the blade, much like the Frostmourne phase of Heroic Lich King from ICC. Within the blade you stand, facing a shadowy version of yourself. Without a word, the shadow attacks you.
• This is the final fight of the quest chain. It's basically a mirror match, where you have to deal with all of the Death Knight abilities to defeat your shadow-self. It has your spec, your talents, and does everything possible to defeat you.
• Once you strike it down, the Lich King - Arthas - appears. He says:
"Well done, champion. I know you think you are free, but a part of me always remains within you and all my other heralds. And now, by destroying that part of your soul, that part of you that lived before I made you what you are today, you have made yourself ever closer to becoming me."
The Lich King laughs, and fades away as you are released from the weapon, having just killed a part of your soul, and find Mograine still in the Halls of Reflection.
• In the end, Mograine declares the weapon too dangerous. Like Frostmourne, it hungers for souls, and he will not see the Knights of the Ebon Blade become a brotherhood of monsters like the Lich King. So he decides the weapon cannot be used by anyone, but in your efforts, you have become more like the Lich King, unlocking certain perks and rewards.

• While you don't get the weapon that you helped make, you do get two new cosmetic weapons for Transmogrification. They are green and red versions of the Greatsword of the Ebon Blade - which you can see NPCs using here ( and here ( This lets any spec have a version of the sword with colors that match nicely, plus these models already exist in game and require no work to make.
• Visible weapon runes. Once you runeforge a weapon, it not only gains the current enchant glow, but also several glowing runes along the blade, shaft, etc. of the weapon itself. These would not change the texture of the weapon, but add new glow effects. Basically it would be like 3 glowing runes along the blade of a sword, or tip of a spear, whatever is appropriate for the weapon. The runes would be either blue, green, or red depending on your spec.
• Spec-specific recolors on the Death and Decay graphic (DKs don't have a common visual thing like "fire" to change, but all 3 specs use DnD for AoE so this seemed to me like a good spell to make visually unique):
Blood - Bubbling bloody ground like current graphic, but also rains blood down like at the battle for Light's Hope.
Frost - Runes on the ground are light blue and look icy, snow and ice falls down from above in the area.
Unholy - Runes on ground are green with plague vapors rising up from them, skeletal hands reach up and grab from the ground in the area.

Thanks for reading!
Doubt it. We won't get one just like Monks wouldn't. Newer classes that already got our own far more unique quests and feel. They'd give stuff to other vanilla classes first like Hunters or Warriors.
Supported, but doubtful.
Amazing, but won't hold my breath. The only thing we will get is the level 100 talents.

I can guarantee you that we will not even get reworked basic skills aside from the crunch.
sounds awesome but they wont add anymore to dk since its the only hero class still
Oh and I want this weapon for XMOG.
Yeah, I know it's not very likely - but I'm sure Warlocks would've said the same thing 2 years ago if someone brought up a quest-chain to get green fire. We can hope and dream...
02/21/2014 09:45 PMPosted by Lebreux
sounds awesome but they wont add anymore to dk since its the only hero class still

I didn't know hero classes were supposto suck and have !@#$ty survavility.. =(
I didn't know hero class meant we were supposed to be the Alpha Class either.
Amazing idea
Love it. All of it.

Perhaps though the quest reward could change some of the primary abilities of the 3 specs instead of just DnD? Maybe Obliterate, Timmy/Death Coil, and Death Strike get some unique for Death Strike, you see a splash of blood fly outwards from the target, slow, stop, and shoot back towards you (hence your blood shield). Just something that'd be used more frequently. My Warlock sees green fire every time I kll something. I'd only occasionally see my reward here.

FANTASTIC idea though. Truly.
I support this.

As well as the two colored blades mentioned in the OP post. I have also wanted this yellow scourgelord's transmog set for far to long!
+1,000,000! Edge of my seat reading that. It would be nice if there were new visual runeforges as a perk also.

That quest chain is epic. Hopefully all the fights would be tough.
Thanks for the kind words, glad you guys enjoyed the idea.
Correct me if I'm wrong but also weren't the Knights w/ Arthas when he killed his father also his first Death Knights? Also murdered in a 5 man. Faking lore for the sake of a quest ignoring actual lore.
Did you read what I had the character say? Those were DKs created by the Lich King before he merged with Arthas. The guy I invented was the first DK to be created by post-merge Arthas Lich King. Arthas was just a DK, not the Lich King, when he killed his father and warred against Lordaeron, Silvermoon, etc. So he and the other DKs with him were created by the Lich King in the Frozen Throne. The guy I created has also gone a little insane down there, so he's not exactly a trusty narrator. My idea for him is that he's basically the first 3rd Generation DK, though it's possible i'm missing something.
Instead of the weapon xmogs, I'd actually prefer an armor xmog that let's us look like the lich king since we're just that much closer to him. Maybe a change in color scheme for the different specs: light reddish hue for blood, light bluish for frost, and dark green for unholy (light green would make it look like you were covered in lime skins)
I'm sure every DK would like Tmog to look like the Lich King - i don't think Blizz would ever do it, so that's why I didn't suggest it.
02/25/2014 02:21 PMPosted by Cadavus
I'm sure every DK would like Tmog to look like the Lich King - i don't think Blizz would ever do it, so that's why I didn't suggest it.

I didn't say exactly like it. Maybe somewhere between the t10 set and LK's version.
Cop out of Lore. Arthas becomes the Lich King and converted Falric before he even had the Crown as well as other advisor and friend he converted. You don't get to write another that some how is created later and call them the first. Arthas's creations is what includes the Ebon Blade.

Further more. No Death Knight of the scourge would call themselves the first because Arthas was the first.

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