[A]<Resurrection> (7/14H) 25M

Guild Recruitment
<Resurrection> (8/14H) 10M (3/14H) 25M

Recruiting For 25 Progression group

Ranged DPS

Raid days/hours

Tuesdays 5:30 to 8:30. PST
Thursdays 5:30 to 8:30. PST
Sundays 5:30 to 8:30. PST

Loot system


To be prepared for raid, we expect raiders...

-To be ready to play the optimal spec for any given encounter.
-To know the mechanics and their specific role on an encounter we will be progressing on. If you have any questions, please ask an officer or a fellow raid member, We would rather clarify before a mistake is made.
-To be fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged at all times.
-To be fully committed without other responsibilities during raid hours. While we expect an occasional absence to come up, please try and schedule other activities around raid time. 24 other people are counting on you to be committed to this schedule.
-To be stocked with any necessary consumables. You are required to be fed and flasked during raid.
-To be laid back, lighthearted and overall “fun”. This is the environment we strive for.


We expect raiders to maintain a near perfect attendance rate. Real life does get in the way sometimes but to us this is not JUST a video game. You have a group of very real people who rely on you to be there every scheduled night. That being said, if you have to miss a raid day you must post out in our attendance thread or notify an officer.

How to contact us

jornn#1490 add me so we can chat
WTB lock apps pst but all range are good Just bonus points for locks
Just got 8/14 LF ranged dps (lock get bonus points)
Reset day still looking for locks of love
time to look at the numbers from tues
Looking for locks and ele but open to solid range
Bump for some decent players
2/14 25M protectors down
3/14 25M WOOT

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