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Perhaps someone can help me out here...

I just got auctioneer and am fairly new to using it. I scanned the AH, then searched for items to resell. I put in a minimum profit of 500g. Here's an example of what happened. There would be an item up for 25g buyout. The addon told me the recommended buyout price would be 750g. After buying the item, mousing over it showed that the suggested price was now 7g. What am I doing wrong that the suggested buyout price on all my purchases changes after I buy them?
Ok, I started with auctioneer and it was a little too complicated for me. I'm not that ah player who rakes in ten of thousands of gold daily.
I switched to auctionator. Its more user friendly. It scans the ah, lets you put in multiple stacks at once in the size you want without all the percentages and things. So if you are not THAT player that uses the ah for a mini game, I recommend switching to auctionator. Your life will be easier!!

Oh, if you scan the ah for about a week, that will help give you an idea on the trends for things. You can look at last known prices and determine if something is going for cheap or not. Example, ive scanned the ah for the last 2 weeks. I'm wanting to stockpile some low priced stuff to make a profit later. I type in a few things that are always in demand (gems, ore, bars, herbs) and notice that ore is usually 2g per piece or 40g a stack. I see at the moment ore is going for 1g per and can now snatch up the low priced items for future resell.

Sorry if this is more info than you wanted, I just think auctionator is a better starter addon than auctioneer.
Thanks for the tips! I have noticed most of the items I farm have dropped in price lately, so I figured I'd try the "buy low sell high" thing. This addon just seems to have too much going on for me to understand and follow lol
Sounds like you need to learn the ins and outs of your realms AH before throwing an addon into the mix.
It's been a long time since I played the AH game, but if I remember correctly you're going to have to do scans for awhile to get accurate prices for your AH. I did twice a day for a couple of weeks, then went to once a day. I found auctioneer to be pretty easy to use, never tried auctionator.

Now that my addon is wildly out of date, I just use The Undermine Journal to help me figure out what to price things at. You could try that until auctioneer has a better idea of what your market's like.
Agreed that Auctionator is MUCH easier and more intuitive.

Also that if you consider yourself "serious" about the AH, the above recommendation for The Undermine Journal is great.

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