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I wanted to let someone know about what WoW has done for someone whom I care about deeply. My boyfriend’s name is Richard, and exactly one year ago his life was changed drastically for the second time.

To set the scene, I have to mention that he joined the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer, and in early 2010 had an accident which caused him to lose all of his memory. Doctors said that there was no evidence of damage to his brain, and that he would probably regain the lost memories within a couple of years. Still, he was a man with total amnesia. He had no friends, no interests, and only a photo album sent by his parents to serve as his past. When I met him in the late summer of 2012, he’d tried everything doctors could suggest to trigger his memories and had all but given up hope on reclaiming them. I rarely asked him about the amnesia, although God knows I wanted to. It had become a sore subject with him- full of disappointment in doctors and schools and resentment for anyone who dared give him advice on how to ‘handle it’. In December of that year, unrelated health issues forced him to leave his job and spend large amounts of time recuperating at the house we rented with several other roommates. This stagnant time was distressing to him, so we began to play computer games together. He introduced me to Diablo 2, which he had played incessantly when he was first diagnosed. Unfortunately for me, he already knew the game so well that all of the parts that I enjoy in games (story, lore, and questing) were already boring and old to him. I suggested that we try a new game that neither of us had played, so last year on the 25th of January, we downloaded the free trial of World of Warcraft. We enjoyed it so much that I bought the game for both of us immediately. I had class in the morning and went to sleep fairly early, but Richard stayed awake playing the game for hours. When I came back home, he was just waking up. I had intended to eat my Ramen quickly and then leave for work, but he told me to wait and picked up his phone. He told me he’d just had a strange dream, and it didn’t dawn on me until he was already on the phone with his mom that he hadn’t remembered a dream since his accident. I could hear her excitement when he asked if she remembered the house they used to live in with the crayon on the walls. When they got off the phone, he explained to me that he’d had a dream about World of Warcraft, but not about the characters we’d made the night before. He’d dreamt about his old characters on the account he’d apparently had before his accident. I watched his face as twenty years of lost information came back to him. I called out of work and listened to him verbally following chains of memories as they came to him. He remembered passwords and names and places all better than I ever could, and it was all because of the game.

Now, one year later, I have asked his permission to share the story because I find it so incredible. Sometimes I get the opportunity to tell someone why I play WoW, and I get goosebumps saying that I play because of the time it brought Richard's memory back. Out of all of the things that could have been the trigger(the taste of spaghetti, the smell of his old bedroom, the sound of his favorite band), it was World of Warcraft- and I’m so incredibly thankful it was. I had to let Blizzard know what they’ve done for him. I hadn’t intended for this to be so long, and I didn't know where else to post, so here it is.

Thanks, Blizzard, for doing what you do.

EDIT: For ease of access, I'm adding something here rather than have it just floating around.

For those who are interested, the link below leads to a video of the stand-up routine that he used for therapy.
That. Is. Awesome.
O_O I'm quite touched OP and people still try to say video games never did anything for society. I'm happy for you and your beau OP and hope you two live happy prosperous lives.
It's posts like this that really put all the whiners and QQers to shame.

That was an awesome story OP. :D

Wow. That is truly amazing, thankyou for sharing.
Amazeing story :D im happy for you ^_^
That is amazing
Yeah, this needs to be seen. Awesome story OP. I wish you both all the best.
Truly beautiful in it's own right.

Fantastic story. 10/10, would read again and share :D

Good luck with your future endeavors, OP
Thats amazing. Truly inspiring
Awwwww. I'm seriously choked up and starting tears. I am so incredibly happy for him, his family, you...just,w wow.
O.O wow. That's incredible.

Never heard of anything like this in my 8+ years here. Thanks for telling us your story.

Thank you all so much for the replies and well wishes! I never even expected people to respond.
That is so awesome! :)

Thank you, OP, for sharing his story. ♥
Right in the feels, man. Right in the feels.

That's an awesome story. I'm so glad for you and your boyfriend. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the game together.
I'm gonna find those darn onion-cutting ninja around here one of these days.

/salute fellow shipmate
Holy snap.

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That. Is. Awesome.
Dawww <3

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