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The title explains the basics of the thread, I am a 563 disc priest that is looking for a new home to finish out this expansion and head full speed into the next.

For those of you still reading, I am an old player having played casually in vanilla and becoming an ex-hardcore raider from WotLK days, and a little towards the end of Cata in order to see Deathwing finally be brought down for destroying Azeroth! Enough of the nerd talk though, I have experience raiding in top guilds, including a fairly high ranking kill in ToGC 50 attempts. Before taking a long hiatus for MoP I was still very much interested in pushing the limits of progression.

For real life reasons, I took a break almost immediately after capping in MoP, as WoW had lost most of its luster to me. Since then, I have been talked into coming back to the game and have spent the last couple months gearing up my Priest in order to raid HM's before WoD.

What I am looking for is a guild that already has some HM's down, I know I do not boast the kills but the strats I have viewed and the fights I have attempted with my current guild I am sure I would be able to jump in without a problem, even in my current gear. I will raid 10's or 25's depending upon the caliber of guild and the feel it has, I am fairly open as far as that is concerned. It would take a lot of convincing for me to faction change, but server transferring is also not a problem for the right fit. I am looking to raid from about 7:30 CST to whenever the raid finishes, and would like even more to start raid later than that.

If you believe I would be a fit for your guild, lets have a chat and see if we can figure something out, otherwise thank you for reading this wall of text and good luck in your next one!
Hey, we're looking for healer for our Tu/Th group, runs 7:30 - 10:30 PST. More info here if you're interested: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11915301818
Considering the offer, thank you for the post Gregamus!
03/04/2014 03:52 PMPosted by Unethïcal
Considering the offer, thank you for the post Gregamus!

Sure, feel free to shoot me a message in game. I'll be on tonight Gregamus#1508
Hey Unethical, great post and I think you sound very much like what we are looking for! We've been in normals a week and a half and are 13/14 now, and heroics are next up. I would love to chat, please feel free to hit me up :)

Census & Excise is a 10 man guild that's light on schedule but serious everywhere else. Most of the group raided together back in Cata and cleared most of the heroic raids then. We're a reboot guild in normals now, but fully expect to make short order of normals and heroics once we finish polishing off our roster. If you're still available and are looking for a close-knit group to stick with for MoP and WoD (mythic of course), I'd love to chat more. Kutopher#1472

Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 9 pm -12 am
Thursday: 9 pm - 12 am
Sunday: 9 pm - 12 am
*All times are EST (server time).

I have a lot of raiding exp in heroic guilds, some top 100 US but alas, real life hit home this expac, and I made a more casual guild for serious raiders. Add me on real if my guild post sounds like something you would enjoy. Been a 25man for a month and 214H already.

Even though I have had a lot of Hardcore raiding exp, I decided to take a break for awhile because of personal reasons and started a guild for the casual player.

This guild will just be doing normal's just to experience the content and complete peoples legendaries as well as doing some Heroics, everyone is welcome,we also have people that do Arenas and BGs.

We will raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:15PM EST - 12:30AM EST

Looking for people that can dedicate to 2 nights a week of raiding and consistently improving their characters with our raid team.

If you are interested in just downing bosses casually with a group of friends who have learned to stop taking the game so seriously, then please add me on real id: Sukoidha@gmail.com or add me on my battletag: Sukoidha#1753 or Disc#1221

Trying to get ready for WoD and looking for a few good people!

Currently 2/14H SoO 25man

Currently need:
1 Healer and DPS min ilvl 560, exceptional people with lower ilvls will be taken under consideration with logs.
Hey, Unethical, would be very interested in speaking with you about a heal spot here at North. We recently switched to 25 man and are 8/14H bosses down. In 10 man we got 11/14H down. I know your experience isn't up to ours but I don't really see that as an issue. What matters to me is how well you can learn and adapt. We currently have 1 healing priest and I'm sure she'd love a priest buddy to heal with! I'll save you from the super spam and just give you some basic information about us such as raid times and my contact info. Looking forward to hearing from you!

PvE Hyjal-Horde Pacific Time Zone(PST)

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 7:00-10:00pm PST
Wednesday: 7:00-10:00pm PST
Thursday: 7:00-10:00pm PST

Consumables provided by us!

Loot council and will be transitioning to EPGP within the coming weeks.

Contact info:
Zero <11/14H> on US Mal'Ganis is looking for one more healer to round out our core getting ready for WoD. We raid T/W/TH from 8:30pm-12 Eastern time. We would really like to hear from you if you haven't already made up your mind.
Please add myself (Grouty#1434) or Baaljagg(Crutch07#1347) in game if you're interested at all or would just like to talk.
Messaging a couple of you, thank you for the interest I look forward to speaking with you!
Hi Unethical,

We are a 7 yr old 25 man Horde guild on Suramar(PvE-PST) looking for a healer (core spot) for immediate need in our 25 man roster. We are 9/14 Heroic SoO 25 man atm.

Our raid times are Tue/Thurs/Sun - 7 to 11 PM PST.

We would like to you. Please contact me at:


or apply directly at

Missunderstood an Alliance guild on Kirin Tor server (lvl 25) is now accepting applications/recruiting a ranged DPS or healer for our weekend core to help us progress into Siege of Orgrimmar. This is a full time core position on our 10m core. That being said we need you able to jump into the raid scene very quickly so we're asking for an ilvl in the 540+ ilevel plus legendary cloak. Lower will be considered just speak to me. Our current progression is 9/14H. Paid Xfer for qualified applicants that can supply logs.

Core 10m Raid Group - Raid days are Sat 8:00-11:00 p.m. CST and Sun-Mon, 7:00-10:00 p.m. CST. Must be able to make all three days consistently. No exceptions. View our live raid streams at twitch.tv/scruboholic

Current Needs: 1RDPS. A (hunter is highly desired), and 1 Healer (Resto Druid or Absorb Healer) but will consider ALL highly skilled/geared toons with a great attitude.

We use a modified Suicide Kings loot distribution.

Qualities we are seeking: Determination to learn and excel at class, ability to take constructive criticism, committed to progression despite multiple wipes, level headed team-player, non-elitist, NO LOOT !@#$%S, and personable with a little humor never hurts either. No alts please, looking for main toons whose players will invest time into.

All walks of life are welcome, cool cats, new players and old, we are GLBT-friendly, and 18+ ( no exceptions). We are a old school WotLK 25m Heroic raiders that reforged a new guild in MoP. Have a sense of humor, a knowledge of your class, and the desire to experience some organized raiding, or join us socially for an online place to call home.

If this sounds like fun to you then please by all means contact me or another officer in game or you can catch us on our website: missunderstood.guildlaunch.com, on Twitter: @missunderstoodw, at Facebook: Missunderstood Guild

Thank you for reading!


Recruitment Officer of Missunderstood

Gadberry - Recruitment Officer (Gadberry#1385)
Weevah - Recruitment Officer (Kyemo#1804)
Puntardlier - Officer (Guardian#1295)
Misshap - Guild Master (Tantrum#1150)
Hey Unethical,
Immortalis of Zul'jin is looking to recruit a healing priest, would love to chat with you about joining. We're a 25 man progression guild, currently 11/14H. We are a fairly laid back guild, and we like to have fun while we raid, but get serious when we're working on progression. We raid Mon-Thur from 8-11EST. I'll leave our spam below, feel free to contact myself or any of the other officers listed. Thanks so much for your time!!!!

Immortalis - 25 Man - Turns 10 this year - Recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic


Since WoW beta 2004 - Good People Killing Internet Dragons Together.

If you are looking for a long term stable place to progress, then we may be the guild for you.

Needs: Exceptional Players!!!
Very High: Mage
High: Priest - All Specs
Medium: Boomkin

While we are generally full on other classes unlisted above we can always use good players.

Raid schedule: 25 Raiding: Monday - Thursday: 8PM (EST) - 11PM (EST)

Current Progress in 25:

T16 Progression
Siege of Orgrimmar - 11/14 Heroic

T15 Progression
Throne of Thunder- 11/13 Heroic

T14 Progression
Mogu’shan Vaults - 6/6 Normal, 5/6 Heroic
Heart of Fear - 6/6 Normal, 1/6 Heroic
Terrace of the Endless Spring – 4/4 Normal

What We Look For: We are looking for exceptional players, who are mature, dedicated, skilled, self-reliant, competitive, and good problem solvers. Raiders must be able to pick up a fight quickly, limit their mistakes, learn from their mistakes, have good raid awareness, and multitask well. We want people who will make Immortalis their home rather than a stopping point between guilds.

Ideal applicants will have strong self-motivation, class knowledge and have the desire to push the limits their class has to offer. This means your character's gear and spec should reflect your commitment.

Quality applications of ALL specs and classes will be considered. We expect to see best gear available to your current raid progression and best in slot enchants.

We do not mass recruit and would rather have 25 skilled players than 35 average ones. 25 Man raiding is something we all enjoy, and something we intend to continue for as long as Blizzard will allow.

If the above interests you, fill out an application or feel free to approach any of us in game or via our website to discuss further details. To apply, go to the link provided and follow the directions as listed.


GM & Officers: Slypher, Arkness, Wigs, Dakziir, Ret, & Merewyn

RealID Contact for any questions:
BattleTag: Raelina#1496, Dustpuppy#1853 or Quiggy#1450
LF relaxed, friendly, raiding? Love me harder-25M raiding guild.
Currently Recruiting a Healer with DPS offspec and 555+ range DPS.
Working Mic and mumble req.
Sat 7-11PM CST, Sun 6-10pm CST 1/14H 25M.
add Nicholas#1820
Hey Unethical,

We've been raiding 9 years now (formed at release), and are currently 12/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar. We're looking to add a Disc Priest to our roster.

Our schedule is 7-11 Sunday and Monday-Wednesday from 8:00-11:00EST. We also do optional things on off-nights. Most of our members are out of school and have jobs, so we offer a more mature, stable, balanced environment. How many other raiders can say they've done everything from Ragnaros (twice) to Garrosh in the same guild?

I'd encourage you to learn a little more about us and let me know if you have any other questions (email at apply@dotd.org, or Battletag Thark#1534).

Learn more at www.dotd.org if you're interested or visit -http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3881881018?page=1
Our Needs:
LF All Classes

<Just the Tip>10/14H

We raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm to 10:30pm est

Be geared for heroics 565+
Bleeding Hollow Server #1 pvp high pop server in US.


If you think you're an exceptional player, apply no matter what our recruitment says. We'll always try to pick up anyone who manages to astound us.

I think we may be exactly what you are looking for.

We are currently building for WoD Mythic raiding now, and will be one of the top 100 US guilds.

Our raid schedule will be 8PM-Midnight Mountain Time; Sun/Mon. Only two nights a week.

I would like to chat with you in-game this evening if you are available; RogueSock#1755.

In the meantime please check us out at: reallybadplayers.com


<Really Bad Players> are ready to exemplify how to progress on a two day raid schedule, 8 hours per week. We plan to dominate WoD Mythic, while still having time for work, school, and family.

If you are capable of outperforming your gear, not dying to mechanics, enjoy playing with other talented players, and desire to be at the front lines of content; this is the guild for you.

We are building for WoD Mythic raiding, where we will exemplify progression on a two-night raid schedule, 8 hours per week. We will dominate this exciting new raiding tier, while still having time for work, school, and family.

Currently we are in the unique position of having both tanks and healers covered. DPS however still needs to be filled, preferably ranged sort. As we expand our roster, we are integrating people into undermanned 25m normal, and soon 25H. That being said our goal isn’t to kill Heroic Garrosh 25. Our goal is to get people used to playing with, and more importantly, trusting each other.

If you know how to play, we will help gear you.

Contact us. Play with us. Prepare to decimate content with us.
Farm Status is transitioning to 25 in preparation of raiding 20 mythic modes. We currently have a roster of 18 people and are looking to have enough to start 25-man heroics by the end of March.

About Farm Status:

We are a group of progression oriented, like-minded group of friends that have fun and at the same time maintain a competitive level of progression without extensive raid hours. Our raid environment is pretty open and upfront. There is no BS, no hidden agendas, and no drama. We're mostly all top parsing players wanting to kill bosses and are looking for more competitive people to join our ranks.


Benefits of moving to Arthas:
High pop server 9k+ players
PvP server with mostly Horde players
Frequent pugs/flex groups
Very active auction house/trade chat

Raid Schedule:
Monday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
Tuesday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
Thursday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
*Invites go out 15 minutes early and we will be pulling by 830*

Progression: 8/14 H - 2 more heroic kills this week

Our schedule is fairly casual but we aim for quality over quantity. In order for us to progress and compete, we expect our raiders to adhere to the following conditions:

1. A stable Internet Connection and have 90%+ attendance. We only raid 9 hours a week currently so attendance is extremely important.
2. Extensive knowledge of your class and a desire to constantly update yourself with new theorycrafting and the competitive spirit to constantly min/max.
3. A positive attitude and being open to criticism at any point during or after the raid.
4. No drama.
5. Progression should be the only goal. Come here to learn from fights and be competitive. Do not join this guild because you want purples. Come here to wipe and push end game content to the next level.

If you fit all of these conditions, we would love to hear from you!

You can apply directly at http://farmstatus.enjin.com/


If you have any questions in game, feel free to contact anyone in <Farm Status>. They can put you in touch with an officer, or you can add these battletags Duoo#1708 to ask any questions you may have about our raiding team. If you add one, please include your name, role and current progression.

Tanks: (1) - Already have tanks, but one is interested in swapping classes so if a good tank applied we wouldn’t turn them away
Paladin/Druid/Warrior (1)

Healer: (2)
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman

Melee DPS: (4)
Feral Druid
Enhance Shaman

Ranged DPS: (4)

**Exceptional applicants will always be considered for a core spot, regardless of the above class demand**
Add cowboykiller#1394 in game so we can talk
Hi there,

We are an Alliance, 10 man guild on Ghostlands (PvE) server. We plan to do Mythic raiding in WoD by merging with another 10 man group that has similar progression/raid hours.

Raid times: Mon-Thurs 8pm-12am CST

Progression: 10/14H

Some background on the guild: this guild was formed 3+ years ago and has been under the same leadership since. A month after 5.4 was released this raid group was started with various players from different servers. We have reached 2nd on the server given our late start and a 3 week break due to the holidays.

We are currently looking to fill a core spot and feel you could be a good fit.

If interested add Wontonheroe#1498 (our raid leader) or myself BucketsofLuv#1918.
We could be a possible match.


8/14H after only two weeks as a guild on a 7 hour raid schedule. Intriguing?

Guild Vision
<Future> is a new guild on Stormreaver, started by the raid leaders from a 12/14 H25 guild. We founded the guild on the idea that an enjoyable social atmosphere and a progression-oriented raid environment are not mutually exclusive concepts. We aim to clear all heroic/mythic content while it is relevant and have a lot of fun while doing it. But plenty of guilds say that, so why are we different? We believe that having a close-knit group can not only coexist with a progression mindset, but directly contributes to achieving success as a guild over the long term.

Content comes and goes, raid mechanics get refreshed and recycled, classes get nerfed and buffed…but the people, they’re what keep us coming back for more. World of Warcraft can help forge friendships which transcend the game, and we’re looking to capitalize on that as a springboard to our success.

Our leaders have experience as GMs of top-100 U.S. guilds as well as successful raid experience elsewhere…and yes, even some casual guild experience. The breadth of this experience allows us to know how to properly balance the fun and focus aspects of raiding, while also understanding that people care about the guild atmosphere outside of raiding.

Most have been in guilds where they’ll get a pat on the back from leadership, all while leadership is secretly working to replace them—this will not happen in this guild. Our promise to you is that you will always know where you stand with the guild, and areas in which you need to improve will be brought to your attention rather than used as an ad-hoc explanation for why you were replaced.

After only two weeks as a guild, with needing to PUG a few spots in the first week, we are now 8/14H10 and have a solid core to build around. Despite our early success, our goal is not to raid as a 10 man team for much longer, as we want to expand to 25 man ASAP. As such, we still have open recruitment as we look to meet our goals. If heroic progression on a two day schedule coupled with a good social atmosphere sounds interesting (or perhaps more importantly, interesting to your significant other!), we may be right for you!

Current Needs
Open recruitment for all classes/specs

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 10pm-1am EST (will be 9pm-1am come May)
Thursday 9pm-1am EST

Tencarus (co-GM) - Tencarus#1274
Drakond (co-GM) - Kokblock#1872

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