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me and my friend are looking for a guild so we can start doing normal 10man and 25 man raids and eventually heroics...i am a prot warrior and he is a disc priest...we are new to wow but we do have previous experience in other games, including a top 5 world guild in rift. we are fairly fast learners and do research before fights so we know what to except. We will consider a faction change and server change if needed. We would also consider role changes as well. We are available almost every day during the week around 5cst till 12cst and all day during weekends. If interested please respond to this post or send me a whisper in game on whisperwind

Our gear
Hey, we're looking for some more people for our Tu/Th group, runs 7:30 - 10:30 PST. More info here if you're interested: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11915301818
Hi Dazze,

<Sick Wet Get Nasty> is looking for members to fill its 10M core raid group. We plan to be active in WoD, but I am trying to get a group together in MoP so we can start some progression/get a feel for eachother.

We plan to be a more casual raiding guild, focusing mainly on weekend raids (Saturdays for sure, maybe Friday or Sunday). While I say casual in terms of time, our members are all ex-hardcore raiders and we intend on being very efficient with our limited raid times.

If you think this might be something that interests you, hit me up in game (Asics#1473) and we can chat some more.

Please note I am headed to work now, and will not be on until this evening.
Hey there! I'm the GM from <Legions of Yesterday>, a new guild on Trollbane, alliance side. We're looking for some more dedicated raiders to round out our roster for 10 mans, as this expansion comes to a close, and 20 man mythics, come WoD. While we don't have a tank spot, I think you and your friend would be an awesome fit for the guild! We're currently raiding 2300-0200 EST on Friday and Saturday nights, although we have not started mists content. We have two players who are still leveling, clearing an expac or more in a week and should be good for initial mists no later than the end of the month. In the meantime, we've been running old content to match their levels and getting as much of the guild together as possible.

I'd love to chat with you, so feel free to add my battletag, Morlifero#2587, or you can send me an email (or add my realID) at james_22180@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon, and happy guild hunting!

Red Tape
10 Man Semi-Hardcore
Progression: 3/14 Heroic SOO
Raid Nights: Tu, Th, F & M (Optional cleanup day)
Raid Times: 7pm-10pm EST

•Disc Priest or Holy Pally or Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk

•DPS DK or DPS Warrior or Ret Pally
•Prot Warrior or Blood DK or Guardian Druid

As you are willing to faction change, Dark Sun Knights on Dalaran could use the combination you and your friend would bring. We have existed since before WotLK and were once the Dalaran Mentor Guild. We are a casual progression guild comprised of adults. Our raid nights are Tue/Wed from 8:45 pm to 11:00 pm EST, so well within your time frame stated in your message. We do have a sister horde guild, Darker Sun Knights, but we're not performing any raiding within that entity.

Feel free to contact me at Agelaus#1304


<Farm Status> recruiting for transition to 25’s. Currently 8/14 H-10 man. Mon,Tues,Thur 830-1130 EST. Mainly looking for ranged DPS and healers ilvl 540+. Shoot me a whisper for more details.

Farm Status is transitioning to 25 in preparation of raiding 20 mythic modes. We currently have a roster of 18 people and are looking to have enough to start 25-man heroics by the end of March.

About Farm Status:

We are a group of progression oriented, like-minded group of friends that have fun and at the same time maintain a competitive level of progression without extensive raid hours. Our raid environment is pretty open and upfront. There is no BS, no hidden agendas, and no drama. We're mostly all top parsing players wanting to kill bosses and are looking for more competitive people to join our ranks.


Benefits of moving to Arthas:
High pop server 9k+ players
PvP server with mostly Horde players
Frequent pugs/flex groups
Very active auction house/trade chat

Raid Schedule:
Monday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
Tuesday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
Thursday: 8:30 – 11:30PM (EST)
*Invites go out 15 minutes early and we will be pulling by 830*

Progression: 8/14 H - 2 more heroic kills this week

Our schedule is fairly casual but we aim for quality over quantity. In order for us to progress and compete, we expect our raiders to adhere to the following conditions:

1. A stable Internet Connection and have 90%+ attendance. We only raid 9 hours a week currently so attendance is extremely important.
2. Extensive knowledge of your class and a desire to constantly update yourself with new theorycrafting and the competitive spirit to constantly min/max.
3. A positive attitude and being open to criticism at any point during or after the raid.
4. No drama.
5. Progression should be the only goal. Come here to learn from fights and be competitive. Do not join this guild because you want purples. Come here to wipe and push end game content to the next level.

If you fit all of these conditions, we would love to hear from you!

You can apply directly at http://farmstatus.enjin.com/


If you have any questions in game, feel free to contact anyone in <Farm Status>. They can put you in touch with an officer, or you can add these battletags Duoo#1708 to ask any questions you may have about our raiding team. If you add one, please include your name, role and current progression.

Tanks: (1) - Already have tanks, but one is interested in swapping classes so if a good tank applied we wouldn’t turn them away
Paladin/Druid/Warrior (1)

Healer: (2)
Disc Priest
Resto Shaman

Melee DPS: (4)
Feral Druid
Enhance Shaman

Ranged DPS: (4)

**Exceptional applicants will always be considered for a core spot, regardless of the above class demand**
If Alliance is an option then I would be interested.

LF a few reliable and competent raiders to fill some key spots ASAP on core 25 man team and our 10 man team.

We also run flex and alt runs as well as older content, achieves, mount runs, etc.



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