Warlords of Draenor Racial Traits

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03/28/2014 07:15 AMPosted by Alzar
NElf one is by far... one of the dumbest things they've ever thought about implementing.

Luckily I raid at night and don't see Crit becoming a main stat for Resto any time soon.

That part is but give me the 2% run speed any day :)
Noooo!!! I want mana more than I want holy power. I can get holy power. That's easy... Mana on the other hand... not so much. I'm going to cry.... Oh well, still a holy pally. *shrug*
I've been under the impression racial traits were going to be designed in a way that no one race has any real benefit over another -- but it just seems like that are shifting the powerful ones around and keeping th emin/max this race/that race intact.

Example, Undead TotG will never compete with Troll or Orcs 'clicky' for dps, nor will it compete with Belf +crit and Goblin +haste.

My suggestion would be to remove the active, DPS boosting traits, and replace them with passive dps boosts that can be negated through gear -- i.e. a Belf will reach crit cap faster so can focus on another stat sooner. Orcs and Trolls will always arrive at the cap later, but then forevermore have the edge on their counterparts.

I think stat and DPS boosting racials are an archaic design, and probably only still around (and being moved around) because of the income it brings. Then again, I bet WoW earns more with race / faction changes than games like LotRO earn with subs... Ain't gonna happen.
Looks like i'm going alliance next expansion. Dwarf warrior here I come!
03/29/2014 08:54 PMPosted by Candyturd
Looks like i'm going alliance next expansion. Dwarf warrior here I come!

Gnome warrior is gonna be where it's at. Escape Artist on 1 minute cooldown, 5 more storable rage, and haste will be good for warriors (so they say).
yeah i think its stupid, whats the point of it lol.
BrB going dwarf
adding time to cooldowns... removing specializations...nerf this nerf that .. there we go nothing left for racials to worry about.
Can I report this thread for "Unbalanced racial's."
So my PVP undead toons lose an important racial for (drum roll) NADA! TYVM Blizz, you are rocking the new expansion already.
seems like alot of these changes were done just to be done....Like the stun duration for orcs going from 15% to 10%...lol really? whats that like a second? maybe two?...whats the point of even messing with stuff like this ? I have been playing wow since the beta for vanilla and over the years Ive seen alot of changes...usually for the good,although I might not have admitted that at the time....but the last couple years have been ridiculous with the stat changes for gear and classes....just leave it alone already and let people learn to play their class ...if its too hard for some...well too bad...they need to do more research...you cant please everyone blizzard....and the more times you do core stat reboots such as this the lower your sub count is gonna get...im sure you think your making it more "universally playable" to attract new players...but the truth is your just further alienating your current subscribers and loyals...and the word of mouth of those players is gonna reach alot more potential players then any stat change. and if you think this is gonna bring people back to wow...well...wanna know one of the most annoying things ive encountered in gaming? playing a game for 6 years almost daily....taking a couple months off ...logging back in to find I dont know how to play anymore because I dont know what stats mean what....half my action bar is empty cause the abilitys have all changed ....and all the gold i spent on enchants and gems was a huge waste cause the enchants dont exist anymore or dont apply to my race ,class and spec anymore...lol....stoppin fussing with it....just add content....im pretty sure thats all ANYONE every wanted.
Blood Elf = Theifs And boring

Human = Boring

Orc = Boring

Dranei = BOring

Undead = Nerf Much

Troll = .....

Gnome = Now your smarts is rolling in
The change in racial for Nelfs is going to be quite annoying, imo. One during the day, another at night? Seriously? Why?
seems like Orcs are getting screwed over here.
So the allies get buffs around the board? I dig it lol.
03/03/2014 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Gift of the Naaru now heals for the same amount over 5 seconds (down from 15 seconds).

No one even uses it so

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