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I like the idea behind Expansive Mind's change but the way it was implemented is not the correct one. Having an extra 5% rage or runic power doesn't work almost at all. It is good to remember that Mana works differently than Rage/Runic Power. Mana has a high value that is degenerating, while Runic Power and Rage are actually rising values. Raising the cap might help the person save rage or runic power for a "burst" but this is very situational and quite honestly 5 more RP or Rage won't really help at all anyways.

Most often than not, when playing optimally the rage or RP cap won't be reached at all and this talent just seems like a "noob trap" for people who are playing suboptimally to believe that this 5 rage/RP might be a good thing. Normally this passive is going to be completely useless.

With energy comes the problem of 5 energy not being close to as good as 5% mana or X% primary stat (other races). 5 energy doesn't really allow for any new attack to be inputted or for any burst sceneario or new combo. Even 1% agility would probably be better overall than having a 5 energy extra on your cap.

I propose changing Expansive Mind to a resource saving passive instead of raising the maximum for specific stats. Let me illustrate my idea:

Expansive Mind:
Spells and Abilities now cost 5% less mana, energy, rage and/or runic power

I think this makes the passive much easier to understand plus it achieves the main purpose of giving 5% more resources to Gnomes (independent of what resource the Gnome uses). 5% might be a bit too much or too little and the number might have to be tweaked, but the concept is what seems to be good. This is also actually useful for Rage and Runic Power users and allows for easier time actually planning out a rotation or attack pattern as the number on the tooltips would change to reflect this and the player would be able to know exactly how much everything costs.

To better explain why the change is good I will give out an example. With the current passive: a Warrior with max (105) rage who uses 100 rage would be left with 5 extra rage, with my suggestion a warrior with max (100) rage who uses 100 rage would actually use 95 rage and be left with 5 extra rage. No difference here, but... A warrior who isn't reaching the rage cap and is performing his rotation in a way where he uses all of his leftover rage is getting nothing from the passive as it currently stands while with my suggestion he would still be saving 5% of his rage. It would not buff or nerf the passive but it would make it useful in all situations and not just niche "save energy/rage/runic power" phases or "burst" situations.
Touch of Elune is going to create a lot of problems. If they want to give the night elves that versatility, they need to not have it interfere with our schedule or what server we're on. I think it should be a racial ability that can be toggled between haste and crit instead of the favored stat possibly being unaccessible
03/03/2014 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Expansive Mind now increases maximum Mana, Energy, Rage, and Runic Power by 5% instead of only increasing maximum Mana.
Escape Artist’s cooldown has been reduced to 1 minute (down from 1.5 minutes).
Shortblade Specialization (was 1% Expertise with one-handed swords and daggers) has been replaced with Nimble Fingers.
Nimble Fingers is a new racial passive ability that increases Haste by 1%.

I love this!!! Yay for gnomes!!!
Night Elves should be given +1% to haste and crit all the time. The 2% dodge only will help tanks screwing dps and healers. I agree splitting it will between night and day is a bad idea. If someone server jumps to raid, are they subject to their server's times, or the server they jump to's time? If other races are getting 1-2% to secondary stats, why not give a race who has been royally screwed since Vinilla this bonus?

Having said that, here's is my main issue that I have seen every expansion. People who only play a race only for the racials that give the most damage/stats. They aren't playing for lore or love of the race, only to max/min their toons. Give people rewards for sticking with a specific race that they have the most time played on. That way bliz would limit race transfers... {assuming they dont mind losing a bit of money, God forbid they do something for the players true to their race} ...but even if people still transfer, those who have been on a long played race, they would have some advantage over those only looking for stats.
I'm still waiting for this 'human spirit' rework to be removed. The idea of racials is it is something your character is born with, and it just goes against balance for them to be able to choose and no one else can.
Yeah... although, you have to admit alli's have been screwed in the racial area compared to horde.
so buff to ally and nerf to horde.... well done blizz
03/03/2014 09:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
Stoneform now also removes magic and curse effects in addition to poison, disease, and bleed effects, along with reducing damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. It remains unusable while CC'd.

Something has always bothered me with this one.

Can it be changed (if it hasn't) to that while under the effects of Stoneform, Dwarves can't be poisoned, have magic effects applied or have cures effect applied for the duration?

Before the change, it was like: "I have a poison debuff! I'll activate Stoneform!" Then the creature would re-apply the poison while under the effects of Stoneform. Doesn't this make the racial redundant?

Can it be so these effects CANNOT be applied for the 8 secs until Stoneform ends please?
human master race
Tian, its not a nerfing, its a bringing the two faction to be more even vs horde superiority for YEARS.
I'm really liking the look of these new racial abilities... except for, you guessed it, "Touch of Elune."

Not really a fan of the fact that the bonus changes depending on the time of day. It seems like a lot of Night Elves are a bit nervous about this racial ability, and I suppose I'm just another one.

I suppose i wouldn't have such a big problem with Touch of Elune if other races also had racial abilities that changed depending on the time of day. But the hypothetical idea that Troll's Berserking might increase Haste on some occasions and Mastery on other occasions seems ridiculous... just as ridiculous as Touch of Elune.

+1 vote against "Touch of Elune."
Trolls and orcs will be the weakest race for rogues compared to Blood elves and goblins. Since compared to their 1% crit and haste respectively, if berserking stays at 15% haste on a 10 second duration with a 3 minute cooldown, it only comes down to 0.83% haste.
The solution? Bump berserking's duration to 12 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown. This will bring it up to 1% haste, bringing it in line to the Blood Elf and Goblin racials.

As for orcs? Yeah, orcs are screwed.
Most of the changes seems forced, or an afterthought. I mean I think some things are great like making gnomes expansive mind now basically is useful for all clasess. However the others seem forced by the removal of hit and expertise.

Any alliance race that had a version of hit or expertise had it replaced with something more generic to all classes. Crit, hast, crit damage, or flat stat increases. The same was treatment was not given to the horde.
Orcs got nothing new but lower stun reduction, Trolls berserking will still be a button to stack trinkets and procs with, beast slaying is underwhelming, and again removal of a soon to be obsolete stat with no replacement.

The undead will of the forsaken really just need to mirror every man for himself in all aspects and rid us of all the complaining about the differences between the two. Its change alone really boggles me.

I saw nice added perks for every alliance race and nothing really new for the horde?
Ultimately, our goal is to achieve much better parity among races.

So the idea was that Horde racials were OP - Okay, I can agree.

The second Idea...

Was to buff all alliance, while ALSO nerfing horde?

Alliance racials are absurd right now.
so gonna change beastslaying for when i hit level 100 so it's not a wasted spot in my spellbook?
so all will see is blood elfs and night elfs no thanks lol
Yep....I'm playing a human
Figured I'd post my thoughts on the new racials before it's too late and Blizzard will already have a final decision.

Blood elf - Seem to be in a good spot, racials seem just fine, nothing too crazy.

Draenei - Depending on how much the stats actually scale with your level, this could be too good, hopefully it's less then 1%, otherwise people will choose draenei over other races regardless.

Dwarf - In a good spot aswell, although I feel like the horde races dont have comparable PVP racial cd's like alliance does, kind of a problem.

Gnomes - I've thought alot about the gnome racial, the 1% haste is fine, expensive mind looks like it would be better then everything else, but 5% isnt really that much more mana for healers, and 5 more energy on a rogue opener wont matter that much compared to another races passive % increase to stats.

Human - If the 2 secondary stats are double the scaling of the races with the str\agi\int increases, then humans will most likely be the dominate race for alliance, as they already are... As long as the 2 minute pvp trinket is being removed from the game as a racial then i feel this race will be on par, although if it isnt then everyone will just be a human for pvp reasons, once again, alliance having the best pvp racials.

Night elf - Movement speed & dodge chance is very useful especially for tanks, The stats changing on day and night cycle is silly, even though though haste & crit may be almost as equally useful for everyone in the expansion.

Troll - Berserking, one of the best PVE racials as far as dps increases go, will probably remain the best too, I'd love to see every race having almost equal racials, and not it be so one sided, at the moment Horde has the best PVE racials,and alliance has the best PVP, that needs to change. alliance pve'ers are basically forced to all be pandas with the exception of worgen fire mages.

Undead - will of the forsaken being upped to 3 minutes.. well, this is almost a pvp trinket, but it isnt, it doesnt allow you to wear a second PVE or pvp damage trinket and still not be able to die in a stun\CC. it's basically a crappy version of the human racial, so it's basically comparable to the dwarf racial.

TL:DR Horde & Alliance need equal racials for both PVP and PVE, not one sidded, as they are now and will be with the current changes, please consider this into revamping the racials Blizzard!
I don't know if this has been asked or answered but does anyone know if the new 3 min cd WoTF will still share a cd with CC break trink? i have been unable to find any info about shared cd remaining

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