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Whenever a Horde player dare to call Alliance players "whiners and cry babies" I'll make sure to link this thread since, you know, Vanilla, TBC and WotLK threads ( aka golden age of Horde whining) are no longer obtainable.

We've had to put up with our crappy racials for this long and now you all rage at the POSSIBILITY (keeping in mind none of these changes are final) of nerfing your OP racials… Talk about spoiled, jeez.

Also EMFH is very good in PvP but pretty much useless in PvE… WotF is still a great ability since it doesn't share full CD with the PvP trinket, you pretty much have 2 CC breaker plus whatever your class provides you. It's pretty clear what's the superior racial right? Actually I've seen many 2400+ Arena players saying they wouldn't like to have WotF changed to a EMFH mirror! They obviously know that connecting damage is more important than the situational double trinket DPS increase.
I wish they would just revert WoTF back to its original form then I could care less about EMFH
I hear that with the undead they are geting there breathing underwater racial back but this time they will be able to breath underwater forever is this tru or a lode of bull?
I'm going to be sending you a lengthy email. Explaining how impressed I am and a cool link to an epic cookie recipe a master gave me.
any more useless !@#$?
Of course ally racials are getting buffed and horde nerfed... In MoP everyone switched to Horde for racials. LS and linked realms have 5-10 ally on timeless and 60-100 horde at all times.

As for EMFH. I agree, it's boring, remove it. Make something cool. But not because it's OP, you guys get WotF which can be used with trinket. Plus you get that BS 20% chance to do an icelance worth of dmg and self healing.
PLEASE! Give Tauren a Plainsrunning passive like they had in Beta, (mount by foot) where Tauren can simply go through the cast time of a mount then run at mount speed, not unlike Worgen's Running Wild. Chances are the ability is still saved somewhere so there wouldn't be tons of work to it and it would give Horde an Alliance equivalent. PLEASE Bliz, it would be amazing!

A video of the ability can still be seen here.
I think I'd rather see racials be strong and unique rather than commonplace and mildly interesting.
Kinda glad Will of the Forsaken got a time nerf, it is pretty powerful, almost like a second pvp trinket, and it's really powerful for undead deathknights who have Lichborne
WTB a pandaren racial that doesn't fall off after dying...
I'm all for racial changes to balance things out because they are definitely needed in the current state of things. The issue and concern I have is that the Alliance buffs along with the Horde nerfs will cause yet another mass exodus, this time with Horde going back to Alliance. This will accomplish nothing in terms of faction balance that we so desperately need amongst all servers.

Also, don't forget that EMFH is indirectly losing some value due to the nerfs incoming to CC's and DR's.
I told you guys to remove racials...but nooooo instead you just make the game more unbalanced
cooool so can i play a diffrent race now ??? o no wait i have to reroll DWARF TO BE THE BEST HEALER????
lol.. So... blizz is trying to finaly balance racials after all these years? Interesting.

Imo, they are trying relieve the faction balance that is more broken than ever... Let's look at the retarded queues on horde side and the instant queues on alliance. Let's take a look at the top PvE guilds...
I think you guys are a bit late... I hope not too late...

PvPwise, people cry so much about human racial, but in my opinion WoTF is the most OP s*** in all these 10 years of WoW. Make a forsaken DK and see it for yourself.

Anyway the initiative is good.
really no changes to pandarens... REALLY!?!?!!?!?!?
05/13/2014 04:13 PMPosted by Slen
really no changes to pandarens... REALLY!?!?!!?!?!?

What change did they need?
Not a big deal but if worgen could fight in human form that would be great, give us a break from the windmill arm casting animation

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