Rate the warrior name above you: II

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~~<3 continued from last thread after it hit the post cap.

@Bor. Simple, good name for a dwarf. 8/10
Thank you. 8/10

Seems fitting enough for a Goblin to me, nice ring to it.
7/10 Like killion said its simple and it sounds like a good name for a dwarf.

Now a little back story on my name. I made this toon back in vanilla before I knew anything about anything. I have all ways loved the older Dodge Chargers it is my dream car. I find it very fitting that I named my toon after a car and when i started playing I had an ability called charge.
8/10 Because I loved the Charger, and the fact that you did not know you had the charge ability is pretty good too.

Evic was named after my wife's bone spur's she had to have removed from her shoulder :) Fitting name I think and one that is unique as well.

8/10 I like the gold and red hint mine is similar just more gold :)

9/10 because I can see you as the gaudiest warrior on the block, mowing down the opposition in style.
wow i totally read the title of this thread wrong :P didnt notice it said NAME not xmog

/facepam my self


8/10, short, simple, Dwarftastic.
It mean's God's Sword in old norse. It doesn't look the best, but I like the meaning behind it.

7/10, kewl with the meaning behind it. but an ugly word to look at
@Reporting, like the troll sets 8/10
@Paniscupcake, 9/10 Made me laugh
@Razzia TBH sounds more like an alliance characters name rather than an orc name. 5/10

@ Korga, 8/10
7/10 more druid i think
@ultramegaok 2/10. Unless Soundgarden reference then 8/10
yes very much soundgarden
8/10, i like the ring to it
03/08/2014 06:10 PMPosted by Äzog
8/10, i like the ring to it

5/10 not a fan of that name, either with or without the proper pronunciation, from each origin.


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