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I don't mind raid currency being dropped, but I'd like to see something a little off the wall. I'd like to see something "like" dkp points for bosses killed. I'd like to see significant buffs to the "dkp" based on your contribution. i.e. If you are a slug on a carry by paying LA 600k gold to use their Heroic geared toons, you get very little. If you are top, top 5, top 10, etc. in dps, hps, etc. you get a buff to your "dkp". This would create and incentive for people to play their toons to the max. BUT, before peeps got nuts about Skada/recount meter wars and missing the mechanic, the "dkp" buff could also be based on interrupts achieved, time NOT spent standing in crap, i.e. successful mechanical execution and a "dkp" debuff for screwing up the mechanics. If Blizz wants to buff a players skill, how about the make a REWARD for flawless or near flawless execution. They've done this before with achievements. The new "dkp" could be used to buy gear (like valor system) except it would be based on achieving boss kills (maybe opening a ilvl of gear) that the "dkp could be used to buy.
03/02/2014 08:02 AMPosted by Ashendal
“The bonus rolls system that we have these days actually goes a long way towards helping counteract that.”

No it doesn't, because I know countless times Ive used a bonus roll and got squat, but lousy gold, often not enough to even cover repairs. Having Valor - enough of it - guarantee's you will get a piece of gear.

But I spose Blizzard wants to take the guarantee away huh?
03/03/2014 08:30 AMPosted by Bashiok
We're not quite ready yet to talk specifics, but the plan is not to just remove currencies, let bonus rolls stay as-is, and expect everything will work out fine. We're keenly aware of how gearing works in the game. I think the changes we have planned will assuage your fears once we are ready to lay it out.

(It's pretty cool. I think you'll like it.)

Does this mean I won't have to wait months and months for a weapon drop (still no SoO normal ranged weapon on my Hunter)?
Not sure how I feel about this. It makes sense in some ways but then to be totally in the wind with RNG is also slightly terrifying.
It has NOTHING to do with what the players what, whether it is an outdated model, or if it just plain sucks. It is about TIME.

Blizzard is having a very difficult time managing it's resources to churn content as fast as the players and demanding. So they need to do something to keep it's players "playing." So the continued reliance on RNG.

If they remove RNG then players will keep playing to reach that carrot as fast as they can. Blizzard does not want this to happen. They have said so many times. The development systems they have in place for this game are nothing more than "bandaid" tools they developed. Instead of revamping to a more modern, easier to maintain, easier to develop, they continue to keep throwing resources on an outdated platform/system using tools they have to develop in-house.

This is similar to manufacturing where the original tools/machines are no longer made so you have to resort to building your own fixes/tools. This is a HUGE waste of expense and time. We as players pay that price with RNG.

The prime example, is Alterac Valley BG. They have said a number of times that because it was developed in an earlier time, the current tools cannot fix it and the fear putting developers on it due to the mish-mash of code they would have to wade through. So instead of updating their systems to use modern, available tools, they think their only solution is to put that square peg into a round hole and refuse to do it. Basically crying to the players that it just can't be done. But it can be done, they just refuse to do it for whatever reason they shoot to the players any given week.

This game is old. I understand that, but it can be updated to something better than it is. Blizzard WoW developers have become seemingly unable or unwilling to take chances any more. It is sad that it is the case, but I'm sure they are seeing the end of WoW sooner than they let on publicly.

RNG is their tool to placate their own development systems. It has nothing to do whether it is good for the game or not. pally did SoO LFR first boss to last boss once and got 4 tier tokens. On top of that the celestial kill the next tuesday dropped both tier pieces. Done with this toon. hunter queues for SoO LFR first time. Second boss drops the bow.

I guess they knew I wouldn't run that content again on these toons.

RNg...third Huolon kill dropped the mount.

I know people who haven't even seen any of these drops running the content since start of 5.4. It's no fun to be dependant on luck.
RNG may keep people doing content, but only if the content's not worth doing on its own.

(In other words, if the only reason you're going back is because you don't have all your gear yet, then the instance isn't worth going back to on its own merits).

I know some people like never knowing if they're going to get anything worth using, but those of us who prefer to actually be able to work on our characters would like to actually know we're going to get something eventually.

Having a goal to work towards gives me motivation to work on it. Not knowing if I'll make any progress or not gives me motivation to do something else. I've worked sporadically on the Insane title on my paladin because whatever I do there gets me closer to my goal; I don't try to farm most rare-drop pets because if I walk away after 5 hours of farming with no pet, I'm no closer to my goal than I was when I started, so I have wasted 5 hours of time. (And yes, if I don't get the pet, it was a waste, since that was the only point in being there and I have made no progress).
This makes me cringe. The reason that the Badges of Justice were made in the first place (and then their successor, valor point) was to act as a guaranteed consolation if you couldn't get anything to drop. The "Well at least I can buy my chest armor after X more heroics" was the drive.

Replacing the surefire method with yet another level of RNG defeats the very foundation of the idea -- which dates back to Burning Crusade.

Bonus rolls are infinitely more frustrating. Each and every week and I burn my 3 on H Galakras, H Malkorok, and H Norushen. Each week I get gold, gold, and gold.

Oh. And sometimes I get another bow from Galakras to vendor. Which is super fun every single time, let me tell you. >.>;;;;
I like the content so I do the dungeons. The gear is a bonus for me. What's the point of getting all the best gear as fast as possible to do what? Sit around and have other stroke your ego
meh, less pvp currency is better, killing bosses for gear and crafting is the best option imo also gear from the world, pvp gear as well all of this for PvE progression of course.
Can you guys please allow trolls to wear boots that cover there feet, its freakn ugly and makes transmog pointless on a troll. maybe make it a toggle or something but please make it happen. i love trolls but i cant get my head past the ugly !@#$ feet
03/03/2014 10:14 AMPosted by Hydroponics
03/03/2014 10:11 AMPosted by Bashiok
good news doesn't really create much interest,

Guess all the news about model updates hasn't created much interest and no one ever posts threads when there is an announcement about the new skins.

Will you people stop trying to twist his words around? You all are worse than the media at times I swear.

What Bashiok is trying to say is that things perceived as 'negative' to the community are good for blizzard because people are 100x more vocal about things they don't like vs things they actually DO like.

And when you are 100x more vocal about something you don't like it can give them insightful feedback that maybe they can tweak or change somehow to make it better.
I am sorry i agree with the op. I find it pathetic how bad the random loot is. Bonus rolls have done nothing but get you more nothing. I love running flex over and over for nothing then hop on a alt kill the timeless island boss 2 weeks in a row and get gloves and legs but cant for the life of me get anything on my main. The longer you go with nothing the more chance you should have. Bonus rolls do nothing and it starts turning people off to raid
03/03/2014 01:47 PMPosted by Therapys
I am sorry i agree with the op. I find it pathetic how bad the random loot is. Bonus rolls have done nothing but get you more nothing. I love running flex over and over for nothing then hop on a alt kill the timeless island boss 2 weeks in a row and get gloves and legs but cant for the life of me get anything on my main. The longer you go with nothing the more chance you should have. Bonus rolls do nothing and it starts turning people off to raid

That seems silly. I do the raids because I enjoy them, enjoy people in my guild, etc.

It seems silly to only play for the sake of getting some piece of loot.
Blizzard: Removing the "magic" that made a fantasy world and RPG, really feel like a fantasy RPG.
I'm waiting to hear their plan. I have faith in them in these sort of situations.

As for the crafting thing, that'd be pretty cool... but I think it should be hard to get the recipes for that gear. Like, really hard. It'd be way too easy to gear up alts. You'd do it too fast. Or maybe the ilvl could just be low, but I think that counters your point, no?
03/03/2014 10:11 AMPosted by Bashiok

Well, actually, good news doesn't really create much interest

Ok off topic but, Matthew Mark Luke and John would like a word.
03/03/2014 10:22 AMPosted by Bashiok
Oh, definitely a lot of positive interest. You might also notice how the majority of conversation though is someone saying they don't like something, and others arguing with them over it. It's generally not capped thread after capped thread of love letters. :)

only good thing about that is no more stupid tedious dailies...

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