Simplifying currency? That's the grand plan?

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03/11/2014 08:21 PMPosted by Secondtime
Play another game. This game is already fast-food, instant-win enough for an MMO. If you play this game any decent length, that will always overcome most RNG. Otherwise you get everything right away, and then you're bored. Look into other genres, or perhaps pay2win MMOs for people who can't play a game more than 1 month before wanting everything.

That is definitely not true. Some may overcome RNG, but some may not.

Encouraging players to go is definitely not in Blizzard's best interests in all but the rares of cases.

You may not like it, but why don't you follow your own advice if it is so bad?
I've run blackfuse for months using my RNG enhancing rerolls each time with multiple toons, never had a single non-gold drop. This is what they want more of?
03/16/2014 09:37 PMPosted by Sunwen
I've run blackfuse for months using my RNG enhancing rerolls each time with multiple toons, never had a single non-gold drop. This is what they want more of?

Didn't you know that the bonus rolls are making it work?
what I got from op was "waah i can't get welfare epics"

03/04/2014 08:35 AMPosted by Mootank
what i want, is to see is a balance between pvp and pve curency...right now pvp guarantees obtaining upgrades while pve does not.
coordinating 2-3-or 5 players in arena is much easyer then coordinating 10-25 for a raid. and while skill is presumed to be the main asset in pvp , it is a myth. i have faced bots and multyboxers in arena and know it dont take much skill to imput some paramethers in a bot and move your toon around. for the players that chose not to cheat pvp is not very attracting at this time. it has nothing to do with game play skill, it;s about ability to use addons and external programs.
even the curnecy cap is much higher for pvp then pve.
perhaps by using same curency, with same cap, in pve and pvp, we will create some sort of balance.
dare i say remove the need for pvp and pve gear, and alow use of same gear for both with no penalties.
while pvp curency guarnatees proper upgrades, pve curencys use is, more or less dependent on chanse alone and that makes pve'iers unhapy. cant use pve curency right now , for curent content unless some loot is obtained. personaly i had started a tank set and used the valor to upgrade it, dispite not tanking. literlay have nothing to use it for. pvp does not have that problem.
to make it clear on how much easyer is to obtain pvp gear i will use myself as an example. i have ignored pvp for months focusing on pve. then one day a friend asked me to join him in arena. i know i am mediocre at best in arena seting and to my surprise, in less then 3 days my gear level went from 502 to 520...perhaps 3-4 hours combined of arena enabled me to purches few upgrades. i had 14000 available cap on conquest. with the release of the new patch sudently not only that i cought up and had 522 pvp set, but, now, i can go in the arena and cap conquest withink 2-3 hours easy, and purchess a new pvp pice.
in pve, it's imposible acomlish souch gear jump, regardless of skill level. too much is left to chanse in pve when it comes to upgrades, and the valor is useless.

Depends you rating 3v3 2500 + rated arena = much harder then heroics raids when it come to individual player skills
been going for flex teir shoulders on my druid. Last upgrade i need until no more LFR / TIMEless gear on that toon. 7 weeks now and still going. !@#$ me right?
03/03/2014 08:30 AMPosted by Bashiok
(It's pretty cool. I think you'll like it.)

so I guess no flying like Vanilla was is pretty cool as well then ?

That bs about " wanting to try a world with no flying" it's been done, before BC ! !!!

There was a reason it was put in, just saying !

As to RNG....... better to allow professions ( which most are near useless now) to be able to MAKE gear if RNG sucks so bad , and I mean meaningful gear !
03/03/2014 08:50 AMPosted by Indyana
I'm really hoping that when Lore mentioned the "sweeping crafting changes" that were coming with WoD he meant that the crafting proffs will actually be useful. It's deplorable that they languish like that. Yes I can make a set while I'm questing but that's not what a proff is supposed to do. They are supposed to provide an alternative to certain aspects and allow you, through work, to craft gear for your characters that is pretty good. WoW's crafting system is pathetic. .........

The crafting system IS pathetic but in my experience it's tough to design a game around Boss drops for gear upgrades and a robust crafting system at the same time. One or the other will be the "best" way to gear up which marginalizes the other.

A great example was the Spellfire and Spellstrike crafted items from BC. I had the whole set on my Mage prior to entering Kara and I used it until he started getting T5 gear. It allowed me to totally skip upgrades in T4 content.

The problem is that there are players who do not raid and as such are 100+ ilvl left behind. So a better crafting system that allows everybody to catch up would profit wow greatly because it keeps more players playing.

Looking at myself, the only option I have are LFR (RNG) which is chaos at times and I don't like running it because it is a raid and TI which is totally tedious and boring. So I unsub often because there just isn't any way to further progress my character at this time. One of the two pieces I can make will eventually be replaced by a Celestial (RNG) and if not I can wait. There is no weapon upgrade for me, no trinkets, jewelry....nothing unless I do content that does not interest me. So the option to do a flex set would be great. I'm not talking about tier gear. That should stay in the raid and the awesome trinkets too. But something close to the drops.

Another problem for me is the daily cds. I would find it far more interesting if a weekly quest for that one or two needed items was associated with crafting. Like exploring a cave and finding it in a chest, or kill x dungeon boss (100% droprate), kill y raid boss (at least I would have a reason to do LFR), world boss y has an item, bring me 5 stacks of... etc. The patterns should be either taught by the trainer for a special item or be buyable. There are so many possibilities they can get the non-raider involved in continuing to play.

Up to 5.4 we had the point gear that was normal raid ilvl. It wasn't a perfect solution but still an option. Now vp is basically useless. Right now knowing about so many changes that will come with WoD a great crafting including the last raid tier would be a plus and encourage me to buy the xpac.

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