LF 2k+ SubRogue OS Combat + Healer

For Enhance Rogue X.

Pushing 2900+ Glad.

add Twochainz#1699

hello wow rogues pls
hey my rogue is 1200 rated and i play mut/mut i would really love to reach glagator if u are up for it
okei add me
hi bump will q in 2 weeks when new computer gets to communist japan
Hi real comp, computer kinda working. Pls friends
nice binds
Nice guild :^]
fem tauren or fem troll for my druid?
fem tauren and i'm going horde so lf people there ty xoxo
lf rog to do 2s with!
Hi, this still exists.

Really wanna play with some good Holy Priests and Rogues. Should be able to play in a week or two.

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