Archaeology: So You Think You Can Dig?

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A quick question about Archaeology experience. I have heard that like mining and herbalism, archaeology gives experience. Does the amount of experience you get vary on the type of item you dig up or is it just varied by region? Do you get experience for homing in on your dig site or only for a successful dig?
All finds give the same amount of experience, to my knowledge, and only looting a find gave xp, akin to collecting from an Herbalism node. I never levelled Archaeology on anything besides a max-level character, so I personally don't know the numbers, but most people were reporting that the amount scaled with your level to always equal around 1% of a level, so around 23k at level 80. However, I do know people were reporting extreme increases once you got to level 83+(around the 100k xp per find range), and that rested was also affecting it. No clue if these are bugs or not. I would assume the xp would stay around the 1% of a level range, as that seems as a normal amount of xp for the work put into getting a find.
Thank you for the quick response. I was curious as my friend and I planned on leveling together and Blizzard apparently decided that gathering experience would be shared among party members so my friend and I decided to just switch off turns on archaeology (we plan on leveling it while we quest with our new goblins). I just wanted to know if I happened upon a rare item that it wouldn't give more experience than some common artifact.
To my knowledge, you only get XP per find, akin to herbing an herb node. I never actually levelled Archaeology on anything sub-L85, so I don't know exactly how much XP you get per node, but I do know that it scales with your level to be around 1% XP per node. I remember people on the beta forums reporting that rested XP affected this, as well. I think it'd be neat if you also received XP on completing artifacts, based on the quality of the artifact, sort of acting as an incentive to complete a race's artifacts; the more your grind a certain race, the higher chance you have to "proc" a rare artifact, ergo higher chance of getting a bigger chunk of XP.
So both of the caster epic are staves?

Awesome, way to give the finger to shaman and paladins.
Shaman can use staves.

[H]Nibelung is one of the best ele weapons atm.
I really hope they backpedal on the increase to the survey CD that we saw at the end of beta, that was just getting silly.
Yea, I'm all for reducing the amount of time it takes to grind, even if its only one second off of the survey CD.

Also, if any of you guys have anything I should add to this, or any other criticism/comments, obviously feel free to post here or message me in-game.
Don't think I've run into that issue yet.

It's absurd. Anytime I get on a FP and alt-tab, even if it's just for a couple minutes, I come back to a "You have been disconnected from the server" message.

I'm not sure if it's because of zone changing or something else but it forces you to keep the game open and maximized.

Thankfully we'll be flying around on our own in a few days... I'll just wait 'til my new character is level 70 or more before starting Archeology, assuming I bother with it at all. The rewards are garbage so it's really low priority (I might actually quit before I get desperate enough to mess around with it).
Excellent guide. This will come in very handy. Reported for sticky.
Damn. Tried to use the new shiny item-link forum function, but of course it gets items from the armory, and the Archaeology items apparently can't be found yet. :(
I'm a bit confused. Say you were trying to get the Headdress of the First Shaman from grinding Orc artifacts, and you finally acquire all of the Common artifacts. Assuming you had at least 450 Archaeology, would the next artifact be the Headdress of the First Shaman, guaranteed? Or, do Rare artifacts not apply to the "you will receive one of each artifact before you get repeats" rule?
Yes, you'd be guaranteed the Headdress unless they change that functionality from Beta to live. Iirc, that particular artifact's minimum level is with all of the other Orc artifacts at 300.
Very nice read, you really made it sound interesting.

I can only hope that Blizzard will give us some more bag slots to purchase. My inventory is cramped already and it sounds like Arch is going to a packrat's profession.
Yea, there'll probably be an Archaeology-specific bag as every other profession has. At least, here's to hoping.
Bump for tomorrow. I'll update the two OPs with any relevant information should it be found during the first hectic weeks of Cata.
Excellent thread, but I wanted to ask: Is it worth even trying for realm first Archaeologist achievements if you're not a dwarf? Is their racial bonus that powerful, or is it only a slight advantage?
Hahah there is a little benifit from that though, when you log back on if your just traveling for a short distance your automatically there XD

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