Archaeology: So You Think You Can Dig?

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03/17/2011 10:31 PMPosted by Crazycriter
I have put together 286 Items including, 1 epic (fossil mount) 5 rare (Fossil pet, all three blue Dwarf Items and the mirror for the NE). If this is normal then please tell me now so I can make a blog, "Archaeology killed WoW for me".

Pretty typical from what I've seen, yes.
Blizzard, here are a few recommendations to fix archaeology so it is actually fun, because right now it is boring, and extremely frustrating:

1. players should have more control over what they are researching. Perhaps make epic research projects trainable.

2. improve the balance between the epics and rares between the races.

3. make the effort required to acquire the 359 items comparable to the effort required to obtain other 359 items through crafting or raiding.

4. add true heirlooms. While the current epic weapons and trinkets are BoA, they actually don't have a lasting value that corresponds to the effort required to obtain them. Once the next tier of gear is released, these BoA items will be considered trash.

5. do not force people to dig for vanity items, or any specific item for that matter. By all means include them in the game, but lots of people have no interest in them, and forcing people to grind through them is frustrating, if not maddening.

6. do not force people to dig race sites they are not interested in. For example, I have all fossil artifacts, but am forced to still dig them so that I can get a new spawn somewhere else. Very frustrating user experience.

I am sad/mad that I spent as much time as I have on this profession. It's this kind of terrible content that caused me to lose interest in WoW before. I am hopeful that these posts won't go unheard.

P.S. do something with first-aid. It is a failed profession. Lots of cool things could have been done with this profession, but it hasn't gotten any love, even in vanilla. At this point, it is so useless you might as well delete it from the game.
From what i have read I like the idea of uping the % to get a rare each time you solve something. ( I really like that idea so you know your working for somethin possitive )

I think i have an idea how to fix people getting tired of digging up fossils and troll sites ect. Have a vendor you can trade your pieces in for other types. Like i hand in 100 troll pieces and 7 troll rune stones for 100 dwarf pieces and 7 dwarf rune stones. That way you don't have to figure out and program sites closeing and such if people have all the items.
i am at 70 +hours on my dk (pestalence) on the eastern kingdom side with 97 comon items. and i used to love tradeskills, you work you get the stuff, but in this i have to say blizzard fails. 70 hours? really? i should have been masterbating/spending time with my kids/ reignighting my lovelife with my wife.... slamming my head againced the wall! yall fail! a select few get it in the first few and the rest are screwed! next time try to make it a more fair thing will ya or ill take my 45 bucks somplace else (3 accounts)
the 2 hnd dps sword from troll
This is just my thoughts on this. The way this thing is made up it really leads to total boredom. How many times can we solve the same commons? I am at 17/20 rare solves on one toon and a little lower on another. The other thing that bothers me is the travel time between digsites. This is actually making me and a few others in my guild ready to give up on the game because of the drudgery of the new so called profession. This is worse than fishing.
Things that would make it better
1. Let engineers make a transport device to sell that would let people move from digsite to
digsite faster.

2. Give players the ability to reset sites to some new ones maybe daily.

3. Make rare epic drops for all classes. Some classes were left out.

4. Make the digging speed faster cast.

These were only a few things but much improvement is needed with this. I have been playing for almost 3 years now and as a skill meant to make the game more interesting its a fail. But this is just my decision and maybe not what others feel. Changes are slow coming to the game but this skill just slowed the game down to a new level.
Everyone have fun and dig your hearts out.
Only one way Blizzard will listen to our frustration and that is to cancel our accounts and put in the comments page that archaeology was too frustrating. This profession was implemented and the 359 items should have been available for casual gamers so that they could get BiS items without doing raid or PVP content. And of course the hardcore players could achieve these (even if those items arer replaced shortly after 4.1 for heroic raids) easily...or so we were led to believe.

Since the scrap of the path of the titans prior to this expansion one has to wonder why even put in a profession in this state as it is. Blizzard can't be proud of this, why alienate half of your paying customers and fan base that made this game and company one of (if not THE) the best MMOs in the last 10 years.
Same problem here.. no $&&!/ sword and ive been busting my ass for hours to get it..... seems like only a small amount of lucky peoples will get it withing 50 solves.. if your over that amount of solves.. you will never get it...

Totally retarded system and totally not fair...

I agree with most posts here. Archaeology sucks. Blizz fix this !@@@.
I got four cosmetic items. One that teleports you to wherever (12 hour cool down,..) and an epic mail head piece. I hit 525 today.

I understand this profession was created to be utilized during some down time. But, with you placing an epic 2H sword that is a notch below raid weapons, this isn't really viewed as a time killer. Had you kept it as a cosmetic only profession, I would have never bothered. Yet, there isn't a clear and understood path to getting something so useful and sought after.

I would prefer a much more known path to some of the end items. How about the ability to combine various common items, so they will point you to dig sites that take you a bit closer to some useful items?

I am not sure if the path of "progress" was thought out much. Because it just seems to be random.
Shouldnt takes months of grinding... they should make it easier to find coz peoples pay to play the game and most of us pve players need the best items possible in the game to do our job well into pve contents..

So.. this stupid sword seems to be some stupid way to discourage us from getting what we want... I really believe not everyone can get it... otherwise peoples would never complain and find it at some point eh.... looks like there is no amount of solves to to limit the effort.... its just plain *@!#ing stupid...
This profession in the beginning was OK. I got to learn some new things, and got a cool pet that looked like jeeves. But now just waiting for the last Dwarf rare (the staff) to pop up I do other things that I consider fun or productive like reading, watching TV, cooking, cleaning basically anything else so I don't have to look at my mounts behind. I don't think Blizzard intended for people to focus on other things while playing their game.......especially if they think this aspect of the game is not fun. I'm luckier cause I can port around but most of my time I still do other things while waiting to get to a spot.
Like everyone else, I have been farming for months for the Vial of Sands recipe and the sword. Hopefully blizz will take into account all these posts because I'm about to give up. It'd be nice to up the % of getting rares with each common item you solve. For example, if I have 100 troll commons (which I have way over that) then I should have a much better chance for getting the sword. But of course blizz does nothing... ty for killing archaeology.... I'd much rather make 500 bandages.
Throwing in the towel here. This profession is clearly a badly thought out time-sink. I gotta admit it was fun at the beginning, but after plowing through all the useless greys without a scent of the troll sword, i'm calling it.

I'm at 70 troll solves for the sword, for those of you with more/much more solves but no sword in sight, i salute your remarkable patience.

There's only that much monotony i can take.
I feel as though Archaeology is a complete waste of time. I have been trying to get the troll sword for literally weeks now and I dont know how many hours I have dedicated to farming with no luck whatsoever, unless you consider getting worthless vanity items (that everybody has anyways) lucky.

By the time I get the sword (if ever) I will have better weapons from raiding or a new patch will come out with higher than 359 epics and I will get a sword that way. This weapon takes far too much time to earn and I personally think its complete bs that you have no way to gage how close or far you are from getting it considering its all chance. Blizzard please increase the drop rate.

Not getting this weapon is making a lot of people angry and some are even considering quiting the game over it. I know you guys like your money so is having people quit the game because they are not getting the sword worth it? I know I'm one of the thousands of people that are trying to farm this weapon with no luck. What is the problem with making the chances of getting the weapon greater if you will make the masses happy? Archaeology is consuming my life along with everybody elses that are farming this sword...if I do not get this sword soon I probably will not renew my WoW subscription.
Thank you so much, I have been wondering why i wasnt able to start archeology training. Your information was very helpful.
Archaeology is most definitely a waste of time. I am unsure as to why the devs to hang a carrot in front of our faces and then snicker as we grind a profession day after day with the hope of somehow getting a useful upgrade from it.

Now don't get me wrong the fossil pet and mount are nice but really why should I have to grind thousands to hundreds of thousands of fossil fragments after I have completed fossil archaeology?

Blizzard should take the blue/purple items then delete all the rest of the data from the profession and start again. This profession deserves to be thrown in the trash.

As a side note... after actually getting a useful item from this prof (the staff) I would like to incur a brutal regiment of hellish torture and vengence on whomever designed archaeology the likes of which cannot be mentioned on these forums.

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