Archaeology: So You Think You Can Dig?

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Well I know personally after solving every Fossil artifact, I was just accumulating fossil fragments (I had over 400 when the cap was implemented). My intention was to just save them until either the next expansion and get to 600 skill fast, or wait till more Fossil artifacts had been added, but then the 200 cap was enforced.

I would sorely love to see some kind of feature to help track specific rares. Even something so simple as putting an on-use to keystones along the lines of "Use: Increases the chance your next (Race) artifact will be rare by x%."

Or maybe add another page to the Profession which lets you select one rare at a time (or one per race), after which any common artifacts solved of the corresponding race, increases the chance of discovering that specific rare next.

At this point... anything other than "lol have fun with that RNG thar!" would be appreciated.

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