Two Paths Diverged in a Shattered World

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Deathwing's emergence will change much more than the face of Azeroth; it will also introduce new dangers and adventures for the brave heroes who recently triumphed over the Lich King in Northrend. For those of you who have returned victorious from the cold north and are now prepared to battle against Deathwing and the sinister Twilight's Hammer cult under Cho'gall, a difficult choice awaits.


Where will you go first in your quest to spare Azeroth from annihilation?


Two perilous roads lie before you. One path leads to Mount Hyjal and the colossal first World Tree, Nordrassil. There you will come to the aid of Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, the Dragon Aspect Ysera, and other legendary heroes as they defend Nordrassil from Twilight's Hammer cultists and Ragnaros the Firelord's raging elementals. Mount Hyjal is full of surprises and challenges, not the least of which lurk within the very heart of Ragnaros's domain in the Elemental Plane: the Firelands.

The other path leads to Vashj'ir, the Highborne city that sank into the shadowy depths of the Great Sea long ago. This hostile aquatic environment is home to some of Azeroth's most ancient -- and terrifying -- beings. If you choose to venture into these fathomless deeps, you'll find yourself thrust into a conflict with Queen Azshara's hateful naga, the fearsome Kvaldir, and Neptulon the Tidehunter's water elementals. Fortunately, the shamanic Earthen Ring, the adventurer Harrison Jones, and many other valiant allies will be at your side as you explore World of Warcraft's first underwater zone.


With this knowledge in mind, tell us: in Azeroth's darkest hour, which path will you take?

In which level 80-82 zone will you level first?
Poll ended on Dec 8, 2010
The world tree can burn, for all I care.
As a druid, I gotta go to Hyjal, it's my duty!
Whichever zone has the fewest people in it but I would prefer to go to Hyjal. Saw it on the Beta and loved it before my computer started being stupid.
I wasn't sure until I saw Harrison Jones.

Vashj'ir it is!

Hyjal. There just seems so much more at stake there than in some random place at the bottom of the sea. Hyjal, the world tree, RAGNAROS. We know how bad Rag is, so I'm definitely gonna stop him first.
Vash'jir of course. I care not for the Night Elves' tree.
I figure I can get a bucket of water from Vashj'ir and use it to ease my way through the firelands <.<
Whichever zone has the fewest people in it but I would prefer to go to Hyjal. Saw it on the Beta and loved it before my computer started being stupid.
Triple post ftw.

I am probably going to Vashj'ir. I like the idea of an underwater zone. ^.^
Everybody can go to Vashj'ir. Druids and their allies will take care of Hyjal with Malfurion, as we did when it was last assaulted.

This time less blow-uppy.
First page?

Hyjal ftw!
Double post is fail. =(
Cenarius is on Mount Hyjal.
Vashj'ir for sure.

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