Cata 10 man raid Set up

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Hey I am just making this post quick to get the beta testers input.

My question is are 3 melee dps viable in a raid? Currently looking at rogue, ret, fury w/ a hunter / lock as ranged. We would also have a shadow priest, but she will be healing until content becomes 2 healable.

Thanks for any input.
Your phrasing isn't really a question, but if I understood your idea properly : your comp's perfectly fine. There's that fight here and there that gives melee trouble, but the same thing applies with a ranged comp.
I'm sure it's doable, although there are a lot of mechanics that punish melee a lot more than ranged in the new raids :(
Yeah sorry, typed it in a rush :)

Was just wondering because were trying to not overlap any classes. Currently the only class we got of the same is paladin (tank / ret).

Just figured there would be certain fights that are favorable for melee / ranged.

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