Post 80 questions on Crit and Haste.

Hello all, I have a question today on the future of holy paladin and the role of Haste vs Crit. I know Intelligence and Spirit our all healers prime stat now but when I look at the Holy Paladin Teir 11 I notice that we have no added haste (unlike every other healer) and in 4.0.3 we lost the 30% haste after cast of Holy Shock for 4 secs and gained (if you call it that) a 3% haste always. The new Infusion of Light now reduces Divine Lights cast time by 1.5 secs when Holy Shock crits. When I read the importance of Mastery, Crit, and Haste it seems like crit has been thrown out due to the loss of illumination and the % mana back it gave. My question is in 85 healing will crit take higher importance to haste (due to the fact we have more insta cast spells and procs that reduce our big cast times) or will haste become more important. I understand I will need to keep my haste around 25% or so to maintain decent heals but will we want a much higher crit (I assume we will get it due to the fact we do not reforge crit to spirit because spirit is on our gear now) or will I be reforging crit into mastery (when it is finally useful).
Any insight or opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
also interested in this, sadly i have not played beta 85 or antying such as that. with regards to pvp especially, altho the crit IoL is nice i find myself really worried about fast enough DL and HL when it does not proc, at the same time stacking mass haste isn't overly appealing.
Thanks for the post Divinebeef. It seems no one cares.
Perhaps they simply expect you to find this easily available information out for yourself, rather than coming onto the forum and acting miffed when people won't spoon feed you on how to play your class.

Go to elitist jerks, and read the holy paladin thread. It will answer all your questions in excruciating detail.

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