Temples Lost (open)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
The scene: within the wetlands a cave entrance has been unearthed thanks to deathwing within is a statue of a Naga with several arms each holding a different type of weapon but no visable exit other than the entrance upon which you entered.

(Kinda a dungeon crawl idea I had. Think archeological dig of doom)
the pale runed figure walks down to the statue. "this better be worth it" and sticks a trinket into the bace. the statue starts to shake and a path opens up behind it. he steps though the door and it closes. "great..." out of the mist a roar is herd. "MUGRAGRA" a gigantic murloc appears. only it looks diffrent from the normal murlocs you've encountered. it seams every old and grey.the figure dashes at the murloc and gouges his axes into it. it struggles but falls to the ground, dead. the opening to the cave clars and he walks out. in the light he hears a call "Runk!" he turns and its his old friend mink, she runs up to him. "so how have you been?" "eh same old same old, kill monster, get armor or wepon, move on."runk humbly says.
"well the rest of the group is back at tauren mill!" mink exclames.

(how did i do for my first RP?)

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