Pre-40 Holy Paladin Gear

I've started a Tauren Pally (as everyone else) and am holy on him. I noticed that there are literally no dropped mail armor pieces with INT/STA on them, it's all mostly cloth and the occasional leather. The only pieces that have INT/STA are from the new quests, but that's 1 or maybe 2 pieces every 10 levels. Paladin's are supposed to be durable, but they can't be if there's not even any mail for them to use that compliments their spec.

On top of the gear, there aren't any shields either! There's maybe one shield with int, but it's INT/Spirit. For a pvp junky like me I need STA on all my gear. I'd love to see some more shields spread out between 1-40 with INT/STA on them. At least one every 10 lvels.

There's also a serious lack of pre-20 hammers/daggers/swords with INT/STA on them. It would be nice if there could be one added to PvP merchants also, since paladins cannot use staffs. I was really hoping that the complete dungeon re-vamp would cover this by adding more leather/mail with healer stats, but it hardly scratched the surface of this issue.

I don't see a feedback forum, or suggestions forum anymore so figured I'd post here. What are your thoughts?
Except that it does matter, and you can't do your job nearly as well PVP if you're wearing all cloth/leather when you should be wearing mail. This just seems like a serious design flaw on blizzards part, imagine being a warrior and the only gear you could get was leather or cloth in order to get STA/STR. Imagine if every mail had INT/STA or INT/Spirit. Sure, that warrior could tank in that cloth/leather that he has to wear for the stats which are vital to his role, but he would be sub-par compared to if he had full mail with the same stats.

It's not easy competing in BG's with DPS who are actually able to get full blue armor pieces that were actually designed with their classes in mind. Holy Paladins, Resto Shamans and Resto druids are all on the same boat as most healer armor is designed for cloth. Paladins are just hit the hardest because they don't just drop down one armor type, but two. From Mail to Leather to Cloth, just to get stats that are 100% needed to make the class effective.

If Blizzard intended pallys to wear cloth/leather in order to heal appropriately, then why is there a supply of INT/STA plate once you hit 40? By 48 you can get a full set of Plate heal gear, but before that you're stuck with Cloth/Leather. I fail to see how this could be intentional, and would bet that it was overlooked initially and just hasn't been fixed.
just hasn't been fixed
On my server ALL the pre 30 gear is being sold for 75g which is just funny, you can get decent gear by doing the quests in any of the 'lowbie' instances and to get a very nice shield do the Counterattack quest in barrens..I easily soloed it.
@ Dubalicious, stop thinking on such a small scale. If/when the fix is actually put in I'll already be too high to use any of it on this Paladin, so it's hardly about me at this point. The fact of the matter is that EVERY person who creates a holy paladin, resto druid, or resto shaman is going to run into this issue. Think of new players who are getting owned more than they should be by people who have full BoA armor. Stop being such a selfish elitist.

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