Best Horde race for pve,pvp hunter come cata?

I've been looking into maybe changing from an orc hunter in cata to a goblin hunter. but first i wanted to see if it is actually worth the race change. I want to see what everyone else thinks about the other races racials and perks they get. lets hear those opinions :)

I think Goblins have awesome racials for levelling AND PvP.

1. Increased haste
2. Bank access anywhere
3. Either increased speed or extra attack (shared cooldown)
4. Cheaper repairs

For end game raiding some of the others could trump Goblins, but for leveling I'd say Goblins would be the best.

Just my opinion.
thanks, one thing im trying to figure out is how will dps be affected in raids by switching from orc to goblin, i know the 5% pet damage can be good but i didnt play beta and dont know what the average crit is at 85 so i dont really have a base to see how big 5% really is. also for bloodfury, i dont know how much AP it will give at 85 and wonder if it will be a loss trading it for the 1% attack speed boost and other goblin racials.
I read somewhere it will be well over 1000 AP bonus. Can't be bothered to find out the exact amount.

The pet damage is always useful. The reduced stun duration is also useful in PvP and any PvE encounters where you may get stunned.

Can't remember what else there is.

I would race change to Goblin for leveling, then race change to something else for raiding (if it turned out to be better). That's if I was serious enough about raiding to bother though.

I'll probably stay Goblin because they look awesome :D
Orc will probably be best for pve on account of the pet damage. Goblins for pvp cuz you basically get a second disengage.

Or trolls for +10% badassery for either pvp or pve.

well goblins have good racial stats but not nearly as good as the orcs.

if you were a level 16 id consiter it but not now
orcs have good pet damage whitch a good hunter ALWAYS need we'd be screwed if we didn't have pets i mean were primarily ranged attackers
yes but the raid trend from what ive seen is MM or BM is good in the first tier or raiding, then survival then MM again. so if ur MM the pet is really nothing but a little thing that hits for actually i dont know cuz i dont know what a decent hit is at 85, i guess what im trying to say is as any hunter spec is 5% damage really a huge deal? especially if ur specced in MM or surv and ur pet doesnt play a really big role like it does in BM. so unless BM remains a strong PVE and PVP spec at 85 is the 5% pet damage really a huge concern?
Tauren are the best race.

- We're big, so enemies have no trouble targeting us in PvP.
- Our racial ability shares diminishing returns with Intimidation.
- We pick flowers faster.

So there you have it - obvious choice.
Goblins > Orcs for PvP?????

Really lol I dont think so...
Goblins are best for PVP. Ya really. An extra disengage trumps every other racial.

According to Z's spreadsheat, Trolls are the best PVE race, at least for the first tier.
could someone perhaps do an ordered list from best to worst race choice please?
The extra disengage is really gonna stop the dots, heavy dps of warriors,dk,pallys and help us against healers right? Wat good is it going to do me to disengage twice? I use that in MM atm with readiness and we still get smoked.


Mages- Will still hit us for 25k at least even with the disengage.
Rogues- Will still poison us and stun lock us to death.

Goblins doesnt do any huge difference not hating just saying.

PvP wise Orcs still the best atm for hunters.

Reduce stun
Ap boost
Pet increase damage
Zeharah recently posted her latest breakdown on DPS @85. Top was troll w/bow , followed by orc, followed by troll with gun/xbow. This is PvE we're talking.

Edit: oops someone beat me to it >_>
Undead will always be the best answer, and blood elf will always be the worst.
Heres Z's post on EJ for ya.

With the recent buff to blood fury on beta, I thought I'd run some numbers on how the various hunter races compare at 85. This is in the premade epic gear, with full raid buffs, in an SV spec. The numbers on the beta version of my site aren't perfect yet, but they give a decent rough idea, so here are what my estimates look like (and their increase in dps from the lowest ranked race):

Troll (w/ bow) - 24233.14 +427.93 (simulated by adding 179 crit rating)
Orc - 24104.33 +299.12
Troll (no bow) - 24060.45 +255.24
Worgen - 23997.38 +192.17
Dwarf (w/ gun) 23976.13 +170.92 (simulated by adding 179 crit rating)
Goblin - 23946.82 +141.61 (includes rocket barrage)
Draenei - 23875.82 +70.61 (assuming extra hit converted to crit)
Night Elf - 23831.73 +26.52
Blood Elf - 23830.14 +24.93
Human - 23818.66 +13.45
Undead - 23814.20 +8.99
Dwarf (no gun) - 23805.21 +0
Tauren - 23805.21 +0

- haste based buffs tend to not model very well on the site, so the troll and goblin ones could be pretty far off
- the draenei racial obviously varies in value depending on what stat you gain instead of hit (and will go up in value if the pet hit inheritance issue is resolved)
- the orc racial will gain significant value for BM specs compared to other specs
- there are epic bows available but no current epic guns (except the tank gun) so although trolls will likely be able to use their weapon racial, dwarf racial is likely to go unused
- the blood elf racial may not be modeled accurately due to the difficulty in modeling cooldown based focus buffs accurately
- the races with no special dps benefit are generally set apart slightly by their base agility
- goblin rocket barrage will do more damage as SV due to mastery than for other specs

Edit: fixed goblin dps data to reflect correct racial attack speed bonus
Edit 2: added support for rocket barrage for the goblin dps calculation
Tauren are the best race.

- We're big, so enemies have no trouble targeting us in PvP.
- Our racial ability shares diminishing returns with Intimidation.
- We pick flowers faster.

So there you have it - obvious choice.

hahaha you made my day
Troll Hunters R by far the best hunter race. their bow speacilization is great for pvp. Also they crit like crazy, if u know how to play 1. Ive played a orc hunter, goblin hunter, tauren hunter and the others up to lv 40 so i know that the best hunter race is troll.


-Our bow speacilization gives us a edge in pvp
- Trolls r the BEST race over all!!!!!!
- Anyone who does'nt agree can go into pvp against a troll hunter or any troll and u will find that u will be dead with in 5 seconds.
My ranking on hunters are as follows TOP 5 HUNTERS!!!

1. Troll w/ bow
2. Orc w/ with beast mastery spec
3.Tauren w/ survial spec
4. Dwarf w/ gun
5. Goblin w/ gun and rocket launcher thingy
Pve? Probably a goblin or orc.

Pvp? Frost mage. Of any race.

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