Deathwing Watch - Stood in the fire

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Old thread is gone?

This thread is for listing where deathwing has recently hit on your server to help others pick what zone to stay at and where he hits.

What are we talking about? The Achievement "Stood in the fire" Get killed by Deathwing, He randomly picks a zone and flys over it breathing fire down in front of his path, to get the Achievement you must die to his Breath NOT THE FIRE AFTER HES GONE!

/Join Deathwing - is a channel alot of servers have been using to announce when deathwing has hit an area

I'll start:
Location: Arathi Highlands
Server: Blackrock
Time: 2:20pm Server time

This info is biased on the old thread:
He normally hits
EPL/WPL - Flys from EPL into WPL
Southern barrens
Blasted lands
Stonetalon mountain
Searing Gorge
Burning Steppes
hillsbrad foothills

This list is current reports from a number of servers with zones hit

Agamaggan - Southern Barrens

Akama - Eastern Plaguelands

Alexstrasza - Wetlands

Altar of Storms - Eastern Plaguelands

Alterac Mountains - Southern Barrens

Anvilmar - outside Twilight Highlands... Wetlands?

Archimonde - Southern Barrens

Area 52 - Winterspring & Wetlands

Argent Dawn - Thousand Needles & Wetlands

Arygos - Burning Steppes

Azgalor - Southern Barrens & Northern Barrens & Hillsbrad & Arathi Highlands & Wetlands

Black Dragonflight - Stonetalon

Blackhand - Eastern Plaguelands & Wetlands

Blackrock - Eastern Plaguelands & Western, Tanaris, Arthai Highlands

Bloodscalp - Wetlands

Boulderfist - Wetlands

Bronzebeard - Winterspring

Burning Blade - Eastern Plaguelands & Wetlands & Southern Barrens

Caelestrasz - Westfall

Cairne - Arathi Highlands

Cenarion Circle - Arathi Highlands

Cenarius - Blasted Lands

Cho'gall - Arathi Highlands

Chromaggus - Eastern Plaguelands

Dalaran - Wetlands

Darkspear - Burning Steppes

Draenor - Wetlands

Dragonmaw - Southern Barrens

Dreadmaul - Wetlands

Drenden - Wetlands & Thousand Needles & Blasted Lands

Eldre'Thalas - Western Plaguelands & Wetlands

Eldrethalas - Wetlands

Eonar - Wetlands

Eredar - Wetlands

Farstriders - Badlands & Western Plaguelands & Wetlands

Feathermoon - Southern Barrens

Frostmane - Arathi Highlands

Frostourne - Wetlands

Garona - Searing Gorge & Stonetalon

Garona - Wetlands

Garrosh - Blasted Lands

Gilneas - Eastern Plaguelands & Wetlands

Hellscream - Blasted Lands

Hydraxis - Wetlands & Stonetalon & Southern Barrens

Hyjal - Arathi Highlands & Wetlands

Icecrown - Wetlands & Tanaris & Southern Barrens

Kalecgos - Eastern Plaguelands & Wetlands

Kel'thuzad - Winterspring

Khadgar - Blasted Lands

Korialstrasz - Eastern Plaguelands

Lethon - Wetlands

Lightbringer - Wetlands & Tanaris & Southern Barrens & Winterspring & EPL & Blasted Lands & Burning Steppes & Badlands & Searing Gorge & Arathi

Lightning's Blade - Wetlands

Lightninghoof - Southern Barrens

Llane - Wetlands

Maelstrom - Wetlands

Malygos - Arathi Highlands

Moon Guard - Tanaris

Muradin - Wetlands

Nagrand - Southern Barrens

Proudmoore - Arathi Highlands & Wetlands

Quel'dorei - Eastern Plaguelands

Runetotem - Arathi Highlands & Wetlands & Southern Barrens

Sargeras - Southern Barrens & Wetlands

Saurfang - Wetlands

Shadow Council - Southern Barrens

Silvermoon - Tanaris

Stormrage - Tanaris & Wetlands

Stormscale - Southern Barrens

Terenas - Western Plaguelands & Wetlands & Blasted Lands

Terokkar - Tanaris

The Venture Co. - Eastern Plaguelands & Wetlands

Thrall - Wetlands

Turalyon - Wetlands

Undermine - Wetlands

Velen - Wetlands

Warsong - Wetlands

Ysera - Tanaris

Zul'Jin - Westfall & Eastern Plaguelands & Stonetalon & Tanaris & Wetlands

Will update this often
Don't forget:

Badlands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes
Don't forget:

Badlands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes
Thanks for the info, wanted to get the thread up and going!
Here's all the information I still have:

Server: Eldre'Thalas
Location: Andorhal, in the Western Plaguelands
Date: November 28th, 2010
Server time (ET): 9:23:50pm

Server: Eldre'Thalas
Location: Wetlands, just southwest of the hills by the gnoll camp
Date: November 29th, 2010
Server time (ET): 1:57:55am

Server: Eldre'Thalas
Location: Wetlands, same approximate area
Date: December 1st, 2010
Server time (ET): ~7:15am
Arathi Highlands, November 27, at 2:25pm on Earthen Ring server

What I posted yesterday. (11-30)

Just outside of Nethergarde keep in the Blasted lands.
6:50 pm server time.
Anybody know where he goes in tanaris?
Anybody know where he goes in tanaris?

Not from personal experience, no, but if iirc some of the original details from the previous thread Deathwing ran a kind of path from Gadgetzan to just out front of...uh...oh god what's the name of that place, the big stone lookin' gate thing. Uldum? Yeah, Uldum I believe.
Server: Alexstrasza
Location: The Blasted Lands
Server time: 4:24pm

A guildie got this while questing on the east coast.
Man I spent like an hour the other day making a list of the servers reporting and the zones they had reported sightings in... That hour is wasted now. Thanks Blizz. >.< I'm trying Stonetalon today. Anyone remember the path he tended to hit there or any coords?
5 days of camping wetlands and im now camping EPL =/
Man I spent like an hour the other day making a list of the servers reporting and the zones they had reported sightings in... That hour is wasted now. Thanks Blizz. >.< I'm trying Stonetalon today. Anyone remember the path he tended to hit there or any coords?

I know a guildie was hit there standing at the base Krom'gar fortress where the alliance tents are.
The worst part is definitely losing those coordinates in all of the zones. I was thinking of moving my camp spot from the Wetlands, but I couldn't remember where Deathwing hits in the Badlands or Searing Gorge.
Runetotem right outside Hunters Hill Southern Barrens 9:15 EST.

Wife just got hit by Deathwing.
Though I doubt it'll help any, but for those who are Alliance and in Wetlands, Swiftgear Station is also an inn. So, if you're tired of hanging around in Wetlands for hours on end - go, set your hearth and maybe hop a quick flight over to EPL. Yeah, there's a chance you might miss Deathwing but if you have an active Deathwing channel going - maybe you can make it back.

Just a suggestion. I know I was on the verge of a boredom fit when I was in Wetlands waiting and waiting.
Server: Alleria
Location: Burning Steppes
Time: about 8PM server time 12/01/10
Anyone into fishing should stand in the Eastern Plaguelands on the north side of the Infectis Scar. That way you can fish for a .1% drop rate bloated redgill, a requirement of The Limnologist achievement. A nice way to use your time constructively while you wait for Deathwing.

(He will blast you on the north side, but dunno about the south).
Well today I have been sitting in the same spot in Sundown Marsh in Wetlands for nearly 16 hours and NOTHING! And that is not counting the 5 or 6 hours a day I had been doing in the last few days. Im really getting discouraged :( Oh well... Guess I'll just have to hope he comes tommarow.
Server - Madoran
Location - Wetlands
Coords - 32, 31
Time - 12/01 10:15pm Server

edit - forgot to put day
i would like to know if server akama has reports and where. ty

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