Deathwing Watch - Stood in the fire

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Was in Gadgetzan, Tanaris heading out for a quest when all of a sudden the sky got red . I thought to myself, "well, that's a cool effect and then... boom!

Next thing I knew I was "Death-winged."
I was in Uldum one day doing my archeology. Sky got red, I saw the enormous dragon that is Deathwing. I immediately started flying towards him, next thing I know, I'm toast. I didn't get the achieve and I was absolutely furious. When I rezzed he was already gone.

Couple days later I'm checking my exploration achievements and realize I got Stood in the Fire almost 4 months before. Apparently I got it while AFK and never knew it.
05/25/2011 04:21 PMPosted by Solanel
there any for borean tundra?

Uhh no. Northrend & Outland wasn't Shattered, just the old world. You're safe from Deathwing there.

05/10/2011 09:00 AMPosted by Juduti
Couple days later I'm checking my exploration achievements and realize I got Stood in the Fire almost 4 months before. Apparently I got it while AFK and never knew it.


While farming Camels, I've seen Deathwing StoodInTheFire Uldum 3 times at noon.

Thrall realm, 8:25 pm server time. Hit Winterspring full force.

I was at a dig site and couldn't get away...
...yes, even Deathwing knows Archaeology sucks.
I've seen him in uldum about once a day for the past week on my server.
Interestingly enough (or not...) I was in Winterspring when I heard a really loud ROAR I turned around just in to see DW blowing fire all over the hillsides! I was just far enough away not to get cooked.. however, all of the previously "white" hills were covered in flames.. Pretty cool effect!
realm:fenris we should all go looking for him in like a group of 40 and try to attack him even if if does not hert him it would still be cool RIGHT!!!!!
Tenaris, 11:40 a.m., southeast of the Angerfang Encampment in the Wetlands.
Frostmourne, Around 3.00pm server time. 50,34 Wetlands. Or for those without co-ords Just north of the bridge east of GreenWardens Grove. Also Blasted Lands got hit around 11.00am server time today as well.

Happy Hunting everyone. ^-^
Got hit Echo Isles
Over near kirthaven (did not get exact coords, it was at the graveyard there) in the Twighlight Highlands
A couple of days ago but I'm not sure of the day. (I'll check and if I find it, I'll post it here).
Uldum, Tanaris and Twilight Highlands seem to be the hot spots

Hottest anyway
I unfortunately did not capture the picture of my encounter with DeathWing, I ran into DeathWings flame in the realm Blackwater Raiders (RP) It was in Southern Barrens that i received the achievement.

I have one thing to report also on this. I survived standing in the flames and still got the achievement, Which is why it's unfortunate i didn't manage to get any sort of screen capture for proof of this encounter.
I got it a few hours ago. Weird experience. I'm pretty new to WoW and I was leveling one of my chars in Winterspring. I was in Ban'Thallow Barrow Den, which is underground, and all the sudden, no warning at all, the part of the tunnel I was in filled up with fire and I died.

I wasn't sure if there was something in the tunnel, but when I was running back to my body I could tell that above ground was in flames too. But I got the achievement so I was able to look up what the hell was going on. Pretty cool.

Wish I would have got to see the sky change color or Deathwing himself though.

So that's Zul'Jin at about 2:30 a.m. EST. in Winterspring.
I was in Uldum doing the Thrall quest.....

Unfortunately I was afk when it happened so I don't know the realm time >_<
I was flying (on a flight path) across Northern Barrens - Deathwing came in above me and doused me and the entire area. I caught on fire, DID NOT DIE, and got the achieve!

The time was approximately 11:30 CST, Kel' Thuzad server.
Gotten it on 8 toons, some of them twice.

Twice in Eastern Plaguelands, first at a tower (don't remember which one, but it was in the southern part of the zone) and later at the lake south of Corin's Crossing.

Once in Burning Steppes while picking pockets on my rogue outside Blackrock Stronghold.

Got burned a second time on my shaman, but don't remember if it was in Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. They look about the same.

Got a two-for-one in Uldum at Ramkahan. When the first toon died I switched to another toon who didn't have it, portaled into the zone, Achievement!

Another two-for-one in Blasted Lands. First toon took the portal to the zone so I could go to Outland, died instantly. Switched to another toon and did the same thing just for the achievement.

Once in Western Plaguelands while questing between the Argent Crusade lumber camp and the druid quest hub.

Saw fire twice in Wetlands, first time south of the bridge at Thandol Span, but didn't reach it in time. Later saw fire north of the dig site full of raptor fossils and earth elementals.

Once in Winterspring west of the lake at the south end of the zone.

I've also heard reports of fires in Twilight Highlands and Tanaris, but didn't see where they occurred in those zones.

Almost every case happened while questing in the zones. The exceptions were Winterspring and Blasted Lands, when I was traveling somewhere else and just happened to pass by at the right time.
So im camping deathwing in gadgetzan... is this a good spot?
necroed a year old thread and also this achievement is no longer possible to obtain as deathwing has been killed on every server.

Forgot however you can get it by dying to the boss.

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