Deathwing Watch - Stood in the fire

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While the server information isn't necessarily particularly useful, it is kind of nice to see different servers and different factions reporting in and trying to help each other. It also lets people from the same server know that they missed a burn in a particular zone at a particular time in case they were camping another zone or were offline for some reason or another or in an instance. While it may not be 'useful' or 'helpful' in tracking Deathwing, particularly since he chooses zones and times at random, it is nice to know whether or not you missed a burn on your server, so I think server and time should continue to be posted if people are willing to provide the information.

/end soapbox
/sigh if only the people on my server would cooperate!

After 5 days camping wetlands, 2 days camping EPL i got it right outside Eastwall Tower, i mean RIGHT outside of it, next to the NPCs, funny it was this morning when i was updateing this thread i got hit gg!

can finally quest!
Got it on my alt at Hunter's Hill on Korgath early this morning (around 4-5PST).
When he hit me in tanaris he flew in from the east just south of gatgetzan and nuked his way across the zone. I got hit by him, died and got no achive to show for it.
Modifying some of the info (kind of):

In EPL (according to this thread and the old watch thread) - Deathwing has been reported by Eastwall Tower and Crown Guard. (makes me wonder if he paths around all the towers.)

In Wetlands - it would seem the "prime" location is just a bit south (and by a "bit" I mean a cricket hop) of Swiftgear Station; stand at/near Swiftgear and look south for 3 hills surrounding a gnoll camp. (If you have coordinates, I was hit at 33,35)

In Tanaris - it seems he flies a path that -possibly- starts at Gadgetzan and works its way down to Uldum. (many have reported either getting hit just outside of Gadgetzan, on the path between Gadgetzan and Uldum or right outside of Uldum).

In Stonetalon - right outside of Cliffwalker Post.

Suggestion: if you have coordinates, please post those in addition to your location in order to get a more accurate path for others trying for this achievement. :)
I had this achievement from the stonetalon mountains a few days ago... then Tuesday maintenance happens and when it's done i log back in to find the achievement missing. I submit a petition, 3 days pass before they get back to me with "it never happened according to our logs."

only thing stupider than this whole fiasco is the fact i apparently didn't take a screen shot
After patrolling Wetlands for around 13 hours.... Deathwing finally shows up and kills me yesterday at 2:54pm server time (( US Black Dragonflight )). I was NOT awarded the "Stood in the Fire" achievement, though. My ticket has had "escalated" status for about 24 hours now.

'Curious what the gm's will say about this. I actually have screen shots, and video of me dying...

In the meantime, my druid lives in Wetlands.... waiting for Deathwing... again =P
I got burnt to a crisp at Corin's Crossing in Eastern Plague Lands at about 4:33pm on the Jaedenar server.

I immediately died from his molten flame, but it glitched and I didn't get the achievement, like so many others are reporting. I filed a ticket, and it took about a week before a GM responded and awarded me "Stood in the Fire". Finally!

At least, for all those wondering, just file a ticket about it, and you'll eventually get your 'chieve. Happy Deathwing hunting!
Someone mentioned not having coords from the old thread - well, it just so happens I went through and compiled all the listed coords I could for Wetlands from the old thread one night, of course bored and afk myself on the main.

Sorry that it's only wetlands, but I didn't think the other zones had enough coords listed to validate going back through and re-reading the whole thing with another map tabbed open. I'm assuming the 2 easternmost points are valid, but it's pretty obvious where the Deathwing hotspot is anyways.
I find it interesting that some people are putting in tickets and getting their achievement, while a guildie of mine who got burnt early on put in a ticket and was NOT awarded the achievement. /sigh Maybe she just needed to be more persistent? I dunno.
Update- they did not restore it, so i went to Stonetalon again and waited for about 2 hours, got killed by Deathwing in the same spot. Have it now, canceled my ticket.
Location: Western Plaguelands
Time: 9:40pm EST

Another guildie. I'm still waiting for mine in the Wetlands. (sigh)
Deathwing came by stonetalon on the Korgath server around an hour ago. I was waiting at the inn for him all day and he swooped by the entrance area instead. I was soooo mad lol
Well, I'm done with all my zone quest achievements, guess I'll be sitting AFK in Wetlands til the 7th hoping he attacks. :(

Just wish I could stay online 24/7. :( But I need sleep.
It would be so much easier if being afk for 30 minutes didnt log you out automaticly but alas that would be much too easy...
Ner'zhul has been hit in Wetlands and Burning Steppes within the last two days. I was not there when the zones were hit, but they were reported by others in trade and in the Deathwing channel.
It would be so much easier if being afk for 30 minutes didnt log you out automaticly but alas that would be much too easy...

Yeah, I wish it kept you online unless the server were full. Oh well.... :(
Today it's been close to another 16 hours and still nothing. I've decided that tommarrow I shall only sit in Wetlands when I'm not doing anything else. Maybe I'll get lucky! I just hope Deathwing doesn't come by while I'm in Northrend either doing Argent Tournament dailies or skinning gorillas in Sholozar. Oh well. Wish me luck!
I was sitting in Wetlands and he attacked EPL. Sigh.

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