One button feral mash macro?

I have not really used many macros on this character, but wondered what possibilities there were for a one button basic attack mash macro, to be used after the opener.

It would go something like -

Mangle if mangle debuff is not up
If mangle debuff is up and rake debuff is not up, rake
If rake and mangle debuffs are up, shred if behind target, otherwise mangle

Finishers would be decided separately.

It might also be interesting to throw tiger's fury in the one button mash as well, although I am not convinced, as it may lead to tf's energy regen being wasted.

No, just no. Can't be done. Don't try to macro feral abilities together like that. Even if something like castsequence works, it's a horrible idea. Just learn to play the class. There are no shortcuts. This is normally where I say "ferals aren't ret pallies", but that no longer really applies, as ret pallies can't just random-cast anymore
If it were possible to do that while still doing good DPS, everyone would do it, then Blizz would nerf it.
Outdated but relevant
No, a macro can't check all of those things. You will have to learn the class if you want to do decent dps. Also, feral cat dps isn't as simple as you've laid out. There are more decisions to make and more factors to consider.

There addons that can help you watch your debuff timers and cooldowns. Watching the master list of debuffs on the mob is near impossible. But you still need to do the actual moves at the right time.

If you want a braindead class to play, you may want to look into retribution. But even ret paladins have to watch for procs nowadays.
Roll a mage, they have like 2 spells they cast over and over for dps.
Macros can't do those things because it's automation.

You want an arcane mage, not a cat..
^ This Dee-ta-dee above me.

Doing this will mean that you will do bare minimum and contribute very little. If a player has any respect for themselves or their fellow players they would not do such a thing. Cat DPS, good Cat DPS, is in the ability to perfect the rotation, not just "get by".
Mainly I was interested if it was possible.

I have had this feral on and off for five years - back when ferals were everyone's poor cousin, but satisfyingly rare - and have never used a macro yet.

And of course I am not saying that is the sum total of decisions for maximing dps. Just looking into what does and doesn't work in macro land.
i had a cat macro back in ulduar when i had the clearcasting proc bonus from tier 8. I pulled 6k dps on ignis with is, and i lol'd at the 6 DPS bleow me that they "got beat by a macro." It jsut assumed i would do 3 abilities to get 5/5 combo points. Just do a /castsequence macro and pretend everything will hit, and use tigers fury every time you push the button. Something like

/cast tigers fury
/castsequence reset=target mangle, rake, shred, shred, rip, shred, savage roar, rake, shred, shred, rip, rake, shred, shred, rip

Sure it's not "optimal" but there is your spammable macro
Outdated but relevant

That will always be BiS in my heart :)
Outdated but relevant

<3 this
Roll a mage, they have like 2 spells they cast over and over for dps.

2 spells? I think that's giving mages way too much credit.

Bear Attacks

/use [mod:alt] Faerie Fire (Feral)
/castsequence reset=3/combat Mangle(Bear Form),Lacerate
/cast Maul
/cast Feral Charge(Bear Form)
/cast [nocombat] Enrage
/use [combat] 13

Wow, that's awful. If a person is able to single target tank with that macro, either threat is higher than it should be overall or the person outgears their group.

First, the macro ignores pulverize and its benefits. This matters less now than early 85 when our crit is low. But it still wastes threat.

It tries to cast mangle every 3 seconds. It will stall and do nothing if mangle is not ready. Assuming infinite rage, without a berserk proc spamming this button would do:

Example 1 (no berserk proc)
Mangle + Maul
Maul + Nothing
Mangle + Maul

Early berserk proc
Mangle + Maul
Berserk Proc
Lacerate (could have been Mangle)
Mangle + Maul
Maul + Nothing

Even a simple maul spam with mangle, lacerate x3 would probably be better. It would ignore berserk procs. But at least you would be using all of your GCDs.

/castsequence reset=10/target Mangle(Cat Form),Rake,Mangle(Cat Form)

No shred.
Wastes tiger's fury's extra energy by casting it even with high energy.
Wastes clearcasting procs on mangles and rakes.
Clips rake and wastes about half of rake's damage every time.
I'll assume you're doing finishers with another button and you're not ignoring roar and rip.

Outdated but relevant

still makes me lol

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