Rogue 2v2 and 3v3 viable partners?

just wondering what i should look for as a rogue for my arena teams anyone have any good suggestions? i was thinking id go with my two friends a mage and priest but if that wont do to well ill find others.
rogue, feral druid, and resto shaman bleed cleave.

Rogue Feral Druid 2s
Probably wont find anyone who wants you besides hunters and dicspriests. So priest/rogue and hunter/rogue/priest?

He said viable not if it was likely :). And you chose a hunter which is seriously going to be bad at beginning of s9 by the looks of it, and a disc priest the worst pvp healer in s9. So unless they're all really good, the classes are not going to carry them :P
Any comps anyone can think of that would be viable but also somewhat likely to happen?
famous RMP?
Rogues will do fine. Anyone who thinks rogues are on the bottom rung of ArenaPvP is wrong. Sure we're below Any Healer besides Disc Priest, but warriors are cakewalks as are hunters and DPS sham. Sure Feral druids rip me a new %%!@#%! but thats okay. DKs are just slightly harder than warriors, but once again Warriors get tooled on.

My teams (for the first 2-3 weeks of S9) arent going to break 1300. But its going to be funny and fun so IDC. Heres what I'm running

2's : Rogue/Rogue. Both Ambush/Backstab spec. %%#@ bleeds.
3's : Rogue/Rogue/Rogue . all 3 Ambush Backstab spec.
5's : R/R/R/R/R. All sub of course, 4/5 ambush/Backstab spec, 1 hemobleed. plan is to have Hemobleed be jump a a heals while the 4 rogues just coordinate to an explosion of one person, most likely a high end DPS such as a shaman. Most likely we'll get dominated but its gonna be awesome since I have faith in 4 out of the 5 of us.

Once these 'joke'(maybe) weeks are over I Plan to either go




RLS (DPS Sham, not heals we need the quick kills)

R/Feral/Warrior is a comp i think might work, just stack bleeds on everything that moves and unless you're dealing with a druid heals, they wont be able to keep em all up. and if we are going against a druid heals, it shouldnt be hard to FF

RLW I really like Demo Locks. Their CC is stupendous. Besides R/Feraldruid/REsto Shaman, I think this would be mine team of choice.

2s : Rogue/Lock Rogue/Mage Rogue/Feral Rogue/Warrior Rogue/Rogue.
Id say of those your best bet is RogueLock then Rogueferal then rogue rogue.

Another potentiality is Rogue Boomkin, but thats tough to accomplish. you guys have some serious co ordination to pull that off.

Best of Luck in Season 9!!
Rogue can 2's with just about anything

Wont matter for first two arena seasons...

First two arena seasons at 85 will be dominated by dual dps in 2s
Last two arena seasons at 85 will be dominated by healer/dps

Same happened in BC. Same happened in WotLK.

Basically Blizzards design is always the same. Resilience fails to scale properly at a new xpac early arena seasons PvE and PvP sets get better per xpac, healers become much stronger and harder to kill.

It's been like this every arena season.

Uh no it hasn't

I'm rolling Lock and Rogue this season. for 2s. idk about 3s yet.
boomkin rogue since the day.
As a hunter I plan to run Hunter/Rogue. Also may run RHP. I wouldn't suggest a hunter since most can't break 2k, but if you find a good one you should be able to do good.
12/04/2010 8:49 PMPosted by Cheapshawty
boomkin rogue since the day.

I love this comp!

I'm experimentally considering DK/mut rogue for snare+anti-magic shell+ DG caster beatdowns.

And if that fails, lock/rogue, boomkin/rogue, shammie/rogue, Spriest (maybe disc)/rogue

for 3s, dk/pally/rogue or RLS.

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