Light Weight / Clean UI.

Bleeding Hollow
Just like the title states, I am looking for a Light Weight / Clean UI.
I play Feral Cat and both PVP/PVE.

Any suggestions? Somewhere specific I should be looking?

Any help is appreciated.
I think Tuk's UI is supposed to a good example of what you are looking for.
Don't download any UI.

My problem was I hated the standard target/player frames being in the top left..

Use this to reposition them:

/run PlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints() PlayerFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", 600, 250)
/run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints() TargetFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", -620, 250)

adjust the x,y coords as you need.
strato ui
strato ui

please dont

X2 for Yuk's but with Elv's Edit

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