Ok so my idea is for blizzaed to rework one set of armor for every class like judgement for the pally. But instead of making it a one time use have it have a slot like a gem slot in which you can put a better piece of gear like the latest tier piece and thats the stats it uses. So instead of changing all your gears looks all the time you can wear your favorite. Because lets face it for the most part blizzard has only made one maybe to sets of armor that look good for each class. case in point the new cata tier armors wow they gave a kid with downs syndrome some crayons. and the weapons have looked like crap since vanilla wow.
So you basically want a set of appearance only gear, like they have on EQ2.

Meh, I personally like the variety or getting new pieces (even though we sometimes end up with fugly crap like crystalforge), but I can see how some people would like it.
Thats the beauty of it is not everyone will go for the same look however those who would like to can. And as for what blizzard wants well I don't likely care because I'm the one paying to play and there artists suck. Hence my idea and if you like the new tier fine wear it and ride the short bus but really if you just look at stats you are missing the second half of the game.
Wow this is a great idea!!!!!
i think it would hurt the progression of azeroth fashion
You have not seen T11 gear then it is far worse then T4
i think it would hurt the progression of azeroth fashion

The idea that it would hurt the fashion is crazy talk. The armor you start off with at lvl 1 looks better then most of the pally Tiers have looked. I hate to say it but I would be firing some people even with the economy the way it is. All it would take is a revamp of the T2 armor in the graphics area. Look at the toy DC comics is making of a ret. T2 pally that rocks. and inspect is for checking out what people have for gear. Just saying it would be nice to have one set and add the new pieces to that set if we so choose not everyone would do that and make it cost a couple hundred gold per piece to like reforging.
We'd be seeing pally T2s flood the street if that happens, Imo
Go to general discussion and look at "the Appearance Tab."

T11 just needs a plate skirt and it's perfect.

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