cata starting zone choice

When I got my beta invite several months back, I knew that it was gonna be a bit of a waste since I knew I wasn't going to do much testing. I didn't want to spoil the expansion too much.

While I was there though, I decided to take a peek at the two starting zones, Hyjal and Vashj'ir. I noticed that Hyjal appealed a lot to Druids since the Guardians of Hyjal are basically druids while Vashj'ir appealed to Shamans because of the Earthen Ring presence there.

I thought to myself that since I have two mains on different servers, one being a shaman and one being a druid, I was going to do a little RP-ing and make my druid go to Hyjal first while my shaman to Vashj'ir first. It's as if my characters have a duty to their fellow druids/shamans.

Any other shamans going to Vashj'ir first for this reason?
Nope. I'm going straight to Hyjal. I enjoy that zone much more than I did Vashj'ir when I was in Beta. Not to mention I want to avoid what was a HUUUUGE quest choke point in Vashj'ir just in case they didn't change it. I submitted feedback for it but I never went back to check.

Besides, Molten Core bosses make cameos in Mount Hyjal. I <3 them.
I have a feeling that all the grade school kids will be rushing for the new underwater zone, which makes choosing "older" content an easy choice. :) I have alts that will eventually see each new zone.
I'll be doing Vashj'ir to avoid the masses, everyone will be flocking to Hyjal.

Then again i'll be online the second the servers go up so it might not be that big of an issue.
I don't really care, I'll probably end up doing both. I'm making a goblin character so by the time I reach 78 or 80, the patch madness should be over.

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