Vengeace. . .

I stand corrected then
Are you trolling? All our damage abilities scale with attack power. Heck, even Word of Glory scales with attack power. Where did you hear that SotR doesn't scale with AP? That is completely false. The only change that happened to SotR is that it was given base damage, and the AP scaling was cut in half. With no vengeance stacked, it actually hits slightly harder, but now doesn't scale to stupidly high levels with vengeance. Warrior shield slam was also changed so it doesn't scale so well also.
What he said. All of our abilities scale with AP, and SotR is still receiving benefit from AP, just half as much as before, read the patch notes again:

Shield of the Righteous: Contribution of attack power halved (now 60% with full Holy Power) and base damage brought up so that a level 85 paladin in Heroic dungeon gear deals the same damage with no Vengeance, but Vengeance has less impact.

Just go and tank something that is a decent challenge and you'll notice just how much harder all your abilities will be hitting for.

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