[H] 10m - Dunder Mifflin Recruiting

Do 25 man woes have you down?

Dunder Mifflin has nine talented members and needs one more exceptional player to fill our ten person guild. If you are a strong Retribution paladin, cat druid, or rogue -- please continue reading.

We could also shuffle in a restoration shaman, mage, or warlock for someone who fit in with us very well as we are looking for a person primarily and a character secondarily.

We are a progression guild and will raid two to three days per week. We were 10/12 ICC HM's, and while we will be focused on Cataclysm progress and hardmodes, most importantly we play WoW to have fun and to make friends.

We want our 10th person to have similar goals and be able to mesh with the guild's carefree personality.

Concisely: if you are an exceptional player, a fun person, and interested in a 10m progression guild that cares about each other as much as it cares about hardmodes, then please look us up in game.

Please contact Daboohk, Croaker, or Fellatrix in game via tell or mail if unavailable and we will get back to you asap.

Note: LGBT friendly
/bump! =)
Cata in 3 days!
A frost mage or shadow priest is back in the mix with rogue / feral druid as being highly desireable!

But we do just have the 1 spot open we are not over recruiting and benching people!
Cata is in mere hours! If you are looking for a strong competent guild to start building reputation with right at launch time is short - get in touch!

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