Pally Skirt

Tier 11 makes us look like birds....why blizz!?

It looks good if you uncheck your "Show Helm" box in your interface options. Basically, only the helm looks awful. Everything else is good.

The shoulders look just as bad. They are WAY too big on humans. It wouldn't be so bad if they were just tall but they're HUGE. When the shoulder pads are bigger than your head there is a problem.
I have to agree, hands down T2 was by far my favorite pally set design. There is really no way to top it, and nothing has since...
Only if it's a mini-skirt. Or possibly kilt. I know we all want to see Tauren paladins rocking Deathwing Sailor Moon-style.
I hate the skirt !! Please Bliz give me a plate codpiece so I can quit swinging the breeze or forced to tie it down to my leg. Rashes take so long to go away and baby powder gets expensive...

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