Rank 1 Level 70 (3v3)

Sup guys, I'm looking for some partners to push R1 in 3s, or possibly even 5s in S9. Currently I am rafing about 3 warlocks on 3 different servers including illidan, looking for good level 70 partners. You don't need a ton of pve gear, however I do require you be ATLEAST 2k rated in 3V3 on an 80 or previous seasons (with proof)

Comps i'm willing to run:

Comps i'm NOT willing to run:
Spell Cleave >:l
Double healer lock

A little backround info on myself, i've played this game for the 6 years it's been out trying to find the right class that I can play to my maximum potential. I started on a resto druid in vanilla and achieved General title, re rolled a warrior in BC to try out arenas, did pretty poorly for 2 straight seasons so I switched to resto shaman in S5. Hit 2200 as Rogue/Shaman and Rogue/Lock. Re rolled rogue to play with some IRL friends and hit 2k as RMP and 2.2k as Priest/Rogue, then I xferred to KT to play with some people I met on the ATR to play RPS (we came in 59th on the tourny realm) and pretty easily hit 2.2k until our shaman started to rage and probably killed himself. I made an alt priest in S7 and played RMP with those same people, hitting 2k very easily and 2.2k in twos with a mage. I decided to roll a Warlock in S8, I played RLS with some pugs and easily hit 2k in about 100 games in furious gear, then played WLD to 2100 before the season was over.

I am now in <Calm Down Rookie> of gorgonnash as my final resting spot, and I think i've found my niche. I am 99.9% sure I am getting BG glad in S9 with some MONSTER players, and with the help of any of them i'm sure I can get glad in 3v3/5v5.

You can contact me through this forum, skype, or in game.


In game chars:
Ginstersucks - Horde Illidan
Alexissmay - Gorgonnash Alliance
ßobbylight - Horde Illidan (alt 0223)

Please no ragers :3

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