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well im stuck, i have no idea where the catacombs of stromgarde is, can anyone help please
I think your meaning the area in the alliance part of stormgarde..if so, go into the alliance area take a right and go all the way back in there's a lower part to the building back in there..just look for entrances to the buildings and one will lead down.
Entrance to Stromgarde Catacombs:

Note: The entrance to the Stromgarde Catacombs is inside the keep,
but OUTSIDE of the castle. You will never find the catacombs while
looking around inside the castle.

(Stromgarde Keep is in Arathi Highlands at 19/57)

1. Enter Stromgarde Keep facing South -
(Notice the bridge you go under? You will soon cross over that bridge heading East)
2. Take the first right (heading West)
3. Take another right as soon as you can (heading North)
4. Face right again (now looking East) and cross over the bridge mentioned in step 1.
5. Continue East until you reach The Sanctum
6. To the right of the Sanctum is a fenced walkway that also heads East.
Follow that fenced walkway East straight to The Crypt which is the entrance
to the Catacombs of Stromgarde Keep.
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Entrance to Stromgarde Catacombs:

This thread is from 2010. Your answer, while helpful, is useless to the OP. Poster #3 Watchmytail necro'd the thread from the grave for no reason. Be careful of timestamps when replying to threads.

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