prot pally insight and posible problems

I have played my prot pally for about 2 years now and am in 251-277 gear. Some of the issues since 4.0.1 I had with prot pallys have been fixed but not all.

1. I have found that when I am taking I run out of moves to use (everything is on CD). This could be my rotation but I have tried several on the target dummies.

2. Ardent defender sucks. Last time I used it I was healed for 400hp, I don’t know about you but I can’t live on 400hp in ICC. Another time I used ardent defender the 20% reduction to damage keep me alive long enough for the buff to run out without the heal proc but not enough health to live. I then died because I did not receive enough heals to live. One fix I have thought of for this is to make the heal come first and the 20% come after. Also if this seems to be to OP I thought it would be fine to put a punishment on it like, if the full 10 seconds ticks without the heal going off it only reduces 10% for the next 10 seconds. One more thing I think it should give us a bases minimum % no matter the damage intake so getting a 400 heal is avoided. (DK death strike is like this, as of 4.0.3 it gives 7% down from 10%).

3. Holy power is the big rage right now and I have looked at it for ret and holy, both of those specs have more than one way to generate holy power. (yes I do know about divine plea will give prot pallys three but at a two minuet CD and 50% less heals its only good for generating threat) At Blizz con it was said that they did not want to make it seems like we had to only use those moves but as stated in my first comment I don’t have any moves to use any way.

4. Last is crusader strike and hammer of righteousness (cs/hor) they share a CD which is fine but back to problem one everything in on CD. Next the CD is 3 seconds with a 1.5 GCD meaning to do max threat or healing ether cs/hor must be used every other GCD. This also goes against what Blizz said a Blizz con but not doing this will put everything on CD even more. It can also mean not doing enough threat to hold agro or not being able to use word of glory to stay alive. The second problem with the three second CD is the talent point grand crusader which has a 20% to refresh avenger's shield when cs or hor is used. So the dilemma comes up do I uses cs/hor or avenger’s shield? I think avenger’s shield should also grant a holy power.

Sorry if I dragged on but I wanted to make sure I got it all out. If any thing is unclear just ask and I will do my best.
1. Having gaps in your rotations means your making a mistake.

The rotation is

Pull: Exo-->AS--->judgement

Starting rotation: CS-X-CS-X-CS-SotR

Rotations from then on: CS-Judge-CS-X-CS-SotR

X: Judgement>AS>Holywrath=Consecration

General spell priorities: SotR (3holy Power only)>CS>Judgement>AS>HW=Cons

2. AD sounds like its bugged for you.

3. They dont want us having more Holypower because they are afraid it might be possible to have SotR and inquisition up at the same time.

4. CS is for single target, HotR for aoe. They both are more important that AS. Grand crusader is a mediocre threat talent and should not really change your rotation more than replacing HW/Cons.
Vaydra, Grand Crusader is absolutely INSANE for AoE tanking. I can't imagine not having it.

Plus, with the nerfed ShoR scaling, at full or high levels of Vengeance, using Grand Crusader procs as they happen is pretty much the same DPS as following the rotation.

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