[H] Grim is Recruiting(10m)

Grim is recruiting experienced players for our Cataclysm 10m raiding guild!
We're looking for highly skilled and dedicated players till finish out our roster.
What we NEED:
Paladin: Holy w/ ret off-spec(our swapper probably)
Deathknight: Dps w/ tank off-spec(rumors of some bosses needing 3 tanks?)

Grim, of course, are accepting all applicants regardless of class or spec for consideration, the above just being what we need to try and remain Unique in classes.

If interested in applying please visit Grimguild.org
the site is still under construction but the apply link is up and working and we'll go from there

IMPORTANT: All applicants will be replied to unless its obviously bull****, applicants meeting requirements will be asked to participate in a Ventrilo interview.

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