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Blizzard, looking over footage and logs of the cataclysm raids of guilds such as premonition I have felt quite disheartened.

I have raided heroic content throughout BC and WotLK and will be in a top 3 server guild come cataclysm. I fully understand that numbers and abilities are not 100% configured and you have more balancing to do but the reason for a beta is to give you ideas; let you know what is an what's not working.

Here are 3 random logs I pulled from premonition's beta raids in November.

Note: I believe this was BEFORE Holy Radiance was nerfed and I know it was before holy shock was nerfed (no official confirmation but it is healing for 35-50% less)

What you'll notice from these logs and others I'm sure you can find is that paladins are not competitive healers in a cataclysm raiding environment.

You will notice in fights that we are contributing significantly, holy radiance is by far the major heal, this has now been reduced in effectiveness rendering us less useful. Holy shock is also high on the list and it has also been nerfed since.

blah blah blah more false stuff

The holy shock nerf was announced in patch notes for the beta build in which it was nerfed.

These logs are indeed after the nerfs to holy radiance and holy shock. Your 2nd and 3rd log linked are the same log and the paladin only has 23% active time, which means he was dc'd or dead... that's hardly a log you should look at.

Here are the last three logs Premonition posted from beta, and all three show their paladins are competitive.

This is obviously post HR nerf as HR is only 10-15% of healing done for the paladins rather than 50-60%.

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