Mutiny recruiting Tank, DPS & Heals!

Mutiny is a group of veteran raiders who wanted a more casual raiding experience, while still holding on to pushing ourselves to excellence and progression. Our guild is on Cenarius which is a very progressed server. The core raiders have been raiding since “vanilla" and have a good grasp on what is necessary for a successful raiding experience. We ask our raiders to show a willingness to listen and learn, to focus during raid time, be consistent in attendance and show up prepared at raid time.

We focus on 25 man content, but also do a few 10 man raids throughout the week. We use a fair EQDKP loot system based on attendance to promote consistency and guild progression. Our intentions for Cataclysm will be to stay a 25 man guild, work on progression and guild achievements. Our raiders are "mature" adults, who enjoy socializing with each other. Many people are online throughout the day, leveling alts, farming or playing PVP.

Raiding takes 25 raiders of various classes and specs. We want people that are not only exceptional raiders performance wise, but people who have a team mentality and want to work as a team progressing as a guild. We want raiders who appreciate and respect the time put into organizing and directing successful raids. We want raiders who seek perfection and will spend the time necessary to get it.


We are currently recruiting:

> Tank (pally, warrior, druid)



>Disc Priest

>Holy Paly

>Feral Kitty

*** All exceptional players of any class will be considered.

We are currently have 5 bosses down in 10 mans. Our 25 man raids start the first week in January. Our raid times are Tues, Wed & Thursday from 6pm til 10pm for 25 man content. 10 man raids are posted thru out the week, and depend on the raiders schedule. All raid times are Pacific Server time.

If you feel like Mutiny may fit your playstyle and schedule, please go to and apply. Or come to Cenarius and send a tell to an officer who can tell you more about our guild and our server.
"a reply"
Udate on recruitment needs>>>

Demo Lock
Tank, preferrably a Druid......but experienced plate wearers will be considered.

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply!

Hope to cya in game!
Need a boomie, feral druid and a tank preferrably a druid tank!

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