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I live in Costa Rica, and my internet connection has some very weird problems. For example, yesterday I couldn't connect to certain sites, like or Also, I couldn't connect to WoW or SC2. However, I could access google, youtube and a lot of other sites. Pretty weird stuff.

I thought that maybe the problem was with the DNS server, but entering the ip address directly didn't help.

Having this problem, I had the great idea to install a VPN, Hotspot Shield. After I installed it, I could access the site again perfectly. My question is,

Is there a problem for playing WoW or SC2 through a VPN? Like prohibited in the EULA or something like that?
It isn't prohibited, but it also isn't supported. You'll appear to be jumping all around the planet and your account could be locked. You would need to find one location to log in from and then stick to it and always use it. That isn't a guarantee that your account won't be locked, just a way to lessen the odds.
Ah ok. Yeah, when I tried to log in, the game asked me to change my password. I can deal with that, if the alternative is not playing at all D:
I'd be careful using HSS for WoW, since it gives you a new IP each time you start it, which means that you might appear to not only be jumping between costa rica and the US, but also jumping all over the US.

And that might, in turn, flag you for account sharing. So I'd advice you to be careful with it.
But my ISP gives me a new ip every time I connect anyway...
But my ISP gives me a new ip every time I connect anyway...

Yes but this IP you get is inside one of their netblocks that has a specific range (C class?) and location.
If your connecting from where xxx jumps around, that netblock belongs to your local isp and its irrelevant as your location isnt changing.

I am not aware of this "Hotspot shield" but it seems you've been warned above against it regardless as you will likely be flagged for account sharing.
Getting flagged for account sharing is an inconvenience, like having to call support, or do I lose my account completely?
Frequent password resets is what normally happens. It's not necessarily account sharing that it flags you for, it flags you as logging in from a location you normally wouldn't be. Since your billing address says Costa Rica, if your VPN routed you through Canada, that should trigger an alert in the system that you are out of your normal range. That's just a random example. It's caused password resets with people logging in 5 miles from their homes and for others, they have had no issues.
Ah ok, I can deal with the inconvenience of passwords resets. I was worried about being banned or something.

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