I don't understand the draw of Zerg Guilds

I'm not denigrating anyone with this post, but I am very curious as to what the long term benefit to being in a Zerg Guild is.

First off, before Cata Guild Levelling was announced, this was the definition of a Zerg Guild:


A zerg guild is a term used in MMORPGs to describe a group of players with little to no skill, employing hundreds of accounts to get anything done. If an encounter requires 5 people, a zerg guild brings 20.

If you read the available literature on guild achievements and leveling it seems to me like the Zerg Guild elite will receive the most benefit as skilled raiders and PvP'ers will gain guild rep the fastest, and benefit from having 100's of accounts working on guild achievements that, at least at first, they will be the only ones able to purchase (due to their higher guild rep).

With the exception of the guild elite, I can't see a zerg guild being any better as a raid environment than being guildless spamming /trade. You're not going to know everyone in a guild of 100's, and while you might find some friends to raid with, will you have access to guild resources? (Vent, guild repairs (limited by rank), etc.). Imagine the gold necessary to support guild supplied repairs for a guild of 100's

Here's my final point. A lot of us view guilds as our WoW family. We form close connections and enjoy each other's company. In a guild of 100's you are one of the masses, a meaningless nick on the roster, or part of the deluge of names in guild chat. Chances are you won't be special....just another cog that no one will notice if you break.

There is no question that Zerg Guilds will progress faster than smaller guilds. But only a few will benefit, and once the guild hits 25, the majority of members on the periphery (you will number in the 100's) will become useless to the guild. When you tire of being excluded from raids, and being ignored in guild chat, you will leave....and lose everything they built off of your sweat and effort.

/agree. This post hits the nail on the head.

A friend just pointed out that when the guild reaches 25, they don't really need the masses anymore...there's nothing keeping them from g-kicking everyone.
if u dont like it dont join simple as that yo?
I'm glad you phrased your response as a question.

Yes, it is as simple as not joining. But promises are being made, and how many are actually thinking things through, or worse, are being misled?

I challenge you to send your membership to this thread, to read my comments, and encourage them to consider the big picture.

The fact that your question suggests that someone who doesn't like it simply not join, but does not address the issues I've raised, that I am in fact correct?

Zerg Guilds only benefit the elite members?
My friend just linked me this...

Some interesting things mentioned:

What does it matter if another guild levels faster than your guild? How does that affect you? Maybe I am missing something. Yes the perks are nice but they are just that perks, they aren't anything you NEED to complete content.

Oh and as for the original topic of zerg guilds. I don't understand the attraction either. I would rather play with a small group of friends than in a huge guild that you don't know or will ever get to know most of the people in. I would also be very cautious if I was in one of these guilds because like someone said, after they get to level 25 there is nothing saying they can't just kick you out and all your hardwork to get them there means nothing.
It depends imo. I no longer have the time to stick to smaller guilds that require certain raid attendance, specific involvement at given times etc.

I enjoy logging on and finding guild members of all levels willing to raid, pvp or whatever ;-)

I do agree that if you want a guild where you know everyone, don't join a 'zerg' guild...

And i'm sure that many members will leave once they've got what they want, but that is true of any guild...

From my experience in Hive, its laid back and fun, a nice change of pace from some more hardcore guilds...

And your argument stating 'only the elite benefit' covers EVERY guild imo... Someone will always be more geared, more used in raids etc etc, and with a smaller guild with only one or two raid teams i feel you have less chance of raiding... I've been in smaller guilds that require % attendance in order to even sign up for a raid... I'm too busy with work and life, so a huge guild with many players offers me a better chance of finding players who fit my schedule/needs...

Each to their own... Thats what guild selection boils down to... Pick a guild that makes you happy... If you're not happy then leave...
Drogg and Elata are completely missing the point.

The issue with zerg guilds that the OP raised is that they are massively inviting players on the premise of guild perk rewards when the reality is - most players won't get to see those rewards. It's not about the idea behind a huge guild or the fact that they get perks faster. It's the dishonesty that goes into inviting potentially brand new WoW players into a guild under the false pretense of receiving rewards that they will not see for a long time due to their inability to level their guild rep.
People herding the massive sheep of people, manipulating them to their own purposes of self-gain? Sounds like scientology to me.
Didn't they cap the experience on a per-week basis?

I feel like I saw a post that specifically addressed this question, but maybe I'm wrong.
As it turns out they did. My guild, with 4-6 people playing since the servers went live hit the daily cap a few hours ago.

I hit my weekly guild rep cap about 30 minutes ago (I took a break).

What disturbs me is that there was a zerg guild *selling* memberships last night. Caveat Emptor
I enjoy talking to tons of people. Small guilds feel lonely.

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