ALWAYS flagged for PvP? (bug)

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Hey all,

I recently transferred from Bloodscalp (PvP) to Stormrage (PvE) and it appears as if I am always flagged for PvP. Any idea how this happens? I haven't logged on my DK in 12+ hours (except to take the SS's) As you can see in the screenshots, I have my pvp flag set to disable... I'm not running any PvP mods or anything that would cause me to be flagged, and this issue does NOT happen on my warlock which I transferred from the same server.

10+ minutes later, I haven't moved and I'm still flagged.. also note, there is no timer.

Have anything in your quest log? Many PvP quests will keep you flagged.
Have you tried hopping on a flight path to see if that resets it?
Hmmm.. I probably do have some WG quests.. but nothing other than that, I'll try dropping them and see if that helps.

And yes, I have been on several flight paths, that doesn't reset it.

I'll try dropping the quests and see, I'll let you know.



Turns out it was in fact a quest that I still had in my log from before I transferred.. It was the repeatable PvP quest from Icecrown. Now I have a timer!

Thanks so much for your help <3 Have fun in Cata!
worked for me.

"wintergrasp daily"

thx all

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