Server's overflowing every night

Moon Guard
Yeah this is abit annoying. I went to switch toons for a moment and now I am stuck at the loading screen for around 20 minutes. First time being on a server this active so something I am not quite used to yet.
remember if you die, you die FOREVER
I don't know why, but I'm pretty frightened to copy/paste that.

Edit: It's actually somewhat entertaining


GTFO the way of my balls
Guys. It's not just us. Other servers are stuck at the blue bar of death.

One of the hamsters got tired. Blizz is replacing it.
They need to lock the server from trial accounts, even though there is a priority queue. The trolls can still log in before primetime and clog up server.
I WAS on, but I logged out to get mats on an alt... and now I can't get back in.

You get a grace period. Logging out to switch over to another character doesn't count as exiting the game for 10 minutes.

That's not what he's talking about, he's talking abotu being stuck at the loading screen like I, and other servers, are.
The problem is that I'd like to play. That's the problem.
Just make an alt on another server, leveling is fun anyway.
Why is this post new everyday? All I see is WAHHHHH I HAVE TO WAIT. You want to change? Move servers yourself. If you decided to roll on a full server, or move to a full server, and are upset about the queues? Tough cookies. Deal with it. It was full two years ago, its full today, nothing is new. Three years ago it may have had mediumish pop, maybe. That was a long time ago.

Roll somewhere else. Its not Goldshire. Goldshire is not the answer to all problems. Its everyone wanting on at the same time, and if everyone and their mom logs on at the same time. Boom. Server blows up. You and EVERYONE ELSE wants to get on at six in the evening til about midnight. You aren't more important than they are.
First of all: A que is a sign of a healthy and active server. I don't mind waiting up to ten to fifteen minutes (I think your 'hour' wait time is a bit exaggerated) knowing there's going to be a large amount of players I can socialize with.

Second: The server offers you a 10 minute grace period starting from when you log off or disconnect.

Actually with the que I had the other night (1047). I was able to watch the first episode of "Lie to Me" on netflix and watch an episode of Family Guy before I tabbed in and found out I had only 30 something spots to wait.

So It's not exaggerated.
Ah well, gives me an excuse to finish off Dead Space. Damn that game is scary when you play it in the dark...with headphones....
The queue times give me an excuse to catch up on some reading.

Also, do things around the house, that I need to do anyway.

When the 7th rolls around, it'll be worse, but I'll keep on truckin'.
They have already done transfers a couple times. People usually don't leave MG or they get over to the new server for a couple days and come back.
Only way to really fix the wait would be a forced percentage move and Blizz is'nt going to do that.
Force transfer all of the RPers so the raiders don't get a queue.

Kidding, of course. But these queues are a little annoying.

Try logging in, getting to that queue, and then go make a sammich or take a shower or something. Can't ever be too clean!

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