Thousand Needles - Trouble at Highperch?

So I saw a video preview of the quest chain of Trouble at Highperch - but I am not really sure how to start it. Some sites said I need to be a mage/warrior/undead and Wowhead said I need to do the quests in Thousand Needles before the Shattering.

So, Is this true? And if not - anyway I can start it? I want to do this quest chain, but I'll have a sad if I am penalized for being a non race-changed 80 troll druid. D:

Thanks. :3
Very very few quests are actually race specific and they got rid of most of the class specific ones. Wowhead is just being very careful, if the only people to report a quest to them are an Undead Warrior and an Undead Mage, then they only know for sure that those combos can take them. Since everything is so new, there are a lot of those odd situations right now. Certainly I did it on my Draenei Shaman, and like most of 1000 Needles now it is a neutral quest open to both sides.

However, you have to complete all of the quests on the Speedbarge (which is where you should start in the zone) and then help out against the Grimtotem at the remains of Freewind Post, before you can move on to Highperch. There is a lot less freedom in where you go to quest now, many quests don't open up until you do the earlier ones in the zone.

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