Leveling as Prot in Ret gear need advice

Slow or Fast?

DPS or Tanking wep?

What seal?

Any other gear suggestions? Trinkets etc?

Thank you for your time.
As always the WoW forums are heaps of information. Thank you!
Prot paladins get more from slow weapons than fast. Even if it has agility instead of strength, even at high end raiding right now slow 1h weapons with agil are more threat than fast tank weapons.
Not too concerned with threat, looking to quest and kill mobs fast. What weapon speed/seal combo will be the most successful at this?
As a paladin, our threat is directly related to our damage. So a higher threat weapon is also a higher damage weapon. So nothing changes. You want a slow weapon. Seal of Truth will be the top damage seal as long as the mobs are living long enough to get censure fully stacked. If they aren't living that long...well then it doesn't matter anyways. But don't forget the 10 expertise you get from seal of truth + glyph also pushes it even farther ahead of other seals.
Slow dps weapon, seal of truth, enough hit, pile on str.
I'd recommend the Heriloom Chest, Shoulders, and the Spell Power weapon, of all things. I've been leveling Prot (it's ridiculous-strong) and every time I get a strong blue melee 1 hander I've swapped it out to test dps. So far the heirloom spell power gavel is slightly more dps and more healing than everything I've tried. I think the reason is it's spell power was drastically increased for sub-level-80 holders. It's got like double the spellpower of other appropriate leveled spell power weapons in outland.

Things I tested: Avenger's shield damage, Hammer of the Righteous damage, Shield of the Righteous, Hammer of Justice, Judgement damage, Word of Glory heal, Flash of Light and our other heals.

Everything just hit and healed a little higher with the heirloom spell power 1hander.

Oh and I out-dps everyone when I tank in groups almost every time.

TL;DR - Stack str items, use the Heirloom Spell Power weapon (yes, just try it). Don't use regular spell power weapons though. Use melee blue weapons if you don't have access to the heriloom stuff.

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