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The file size on my computer is getting, well disserningly big. I'm on an old hardrive and after patching as much as I could, I've gotten stuck on my download progress needing a meer 1.33gb to finish my update, but due to my small harddrive and WoW's folder size being a menacing 23 gbs currently. I am now left stuck and unable to update or even go onto WoW as it is now.

So as for my question, is there any help I can achieve in lowering WoW's gigantic 23 gb file size?
The main Cataclysm file itself is about 650ish MB if you're going directly from Wrath. This isn't including future patches like 4.0.6 and beyond after Cataclysm. You may want to look for inexpensive but large hard drives. 1 Terabyte drives can be found hovering around the $50 - 60 range, smaller ones even less.

Wrath is supposed to be around 25 GB right now so it sounds like you haven't finished building the Cache folder yet.

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yes i want the cataclysm trial and im not sure if i have enough space and is the full game the same size as the trial and how much is cataclysm.

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